Power Booster is Available!

I just got the email today that the Power Booster is available!!


I just put my order in. Hopefully I’ll be able to get up on the roof to get it installed (I may have to wait until spring thaw, though!).


Hallelujah! Time to Rejoice and Be Hap Hap HAPPY!

for reference and to be complete there is also an extension kit


Thanks for the link!

I looked for it when I ordered the booster, but couldn’t find it :stuck_out_tongue:

is there still some (working) intelligence in there, so it doesn’t continuously charge the tempest and drain the batteries? if so, 8 AA seems enough for at least 5 or more winters.

Very excited to get mine. My tempest has been in a power saving mode since mid-October.

This is really so excellent !!!

Can the lower component and/or power cord be put into a weatherproof container like an OtterBox without worrying about heat ?

Congrats WF !!!

Where are you located? That’s a really long time.

Yes, this is not explained anywhere.
Does it let the internal charge drop to about 2.6 or 2.4 then apply boost until full capacity is reached or is it constantly trickle charging?

Plus in the UK makes it another very expensive option, with shipping costing almost the price of the Booster!

Already apply the discount code mentioned in the announcement and you take out 50% of the cost of the item (this equals about your taxes) . Next your taxes are pre paid, this is something all other customers in EU will have to pay since not prepaid during import (guess the USA and UK have some kind of agreement for this that doesn’t exists for the EU) and to say shipping to me in France would also be 24$.

Transport costs have risen exponentially recent months due to pandemic and oil prices … this is something Weatherflow can’t compensate for entirely. And taxes are well local to each country … we all pay them (you upfront, we at import). Difference is you see it immediately.


Thank’s @eric
Makes a big difference (didn’t see/know about the announcement)!

That’s what happens when you’re over enthusiastic :wink:

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Could be worth a group-buy for people in the UK to reduce the shipping costs…

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I thought about if they’d let me be a reseller. I’d buy a container load

Is there any need to rush out and buy these or will the (discount) code and availability be good for a while?
(due to the cost and tilting of the planet in its favour) I’ve put off my purchase for now!

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I don’t know how long the code will be kept.

Regarding inventory … they sell pretty fast but for now there is still inventory for all continents (though US is going fast) . Other batches should come to replenish the stocks. (when ?? That’s another story)

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Even better now I selected Google Pay (Total) for some reason?


Would like to know how the power is delivered though!!!
Does it go through a cycle of charge up to full then discharge and then apply boost when it has dropped to about Level 2?

That is the general idea. The Tempest should start charging from the booster by the time the voltage reaches 2.42V, just above mode 2 where wind sampling drops to 6 second intervals. I’m still on a very early prototype PBA (#5) so haven’t been able to verify that. If your Tempest sensor isn’t on FW v165 then the WF servers will push that version out when the PBA is detected on your station.

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Question, how does the power booster connect to the station do you twist it and it clicks into place like the pole adapter as i dont want to damage the pins

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Yes, that’s the idea, it is between Tempest and mount. Pins are aligning with the 4 contacts on the Tempest once in place.
Pins are spring mounted to allow you to twist the wafer in place and once in place make good contact with the Tempest.

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