Power Booster - Firmware Number?

I am beginning to believe my Tempest is cursed. Power Booster will not work correctly, whether a field test model, or official PB release.

A ticket is open so I am hopeful. At the same time my overall experience with the Power Booster using batteries, is it charges my Tempest all the time. Or not quite all the time, Every once in a while it stops charging for a bit. Have been mostly above 2.6 volt.

I do not know what percentage of Tempest/Power Booster still have the problem. Wishing the team good luck chasing this problem to ground.

Nothing has changed. Full-time charging from my Power Booster.

I’m waiting for mine to drop below 2.6V (above this Voltage it just constantly charges) to test the charging cycle on the new firmware but have read conflicting facts as to how the power is applied with the PBA.

@ hartsock.dana Same here

Are there any intentions to increase wind sampling (1s as an option), when Tempest is connect to the PB?
Power saving shouldn’t be any issue anymore

Good question. I suggest making this a feature request.

So when the PBA is is powered on AC/DC upto the point of full charge and then it’s unplugged, Tempest will discharge until the V drops below 2.7V then it will charge via the solar panels (with fw 165)
@gizmoev You’re device must be diff’ as I waited until the V’ was below 2.6V and then plugged in the PBA and it carries on charging indefinitely up to 2.8V and keeps it there until it is unplugged and cycles as I have described here

Are you seeing trees late to leaf out? I am seeing enough solar radiation to charge my Tempest way past previous dates. But right now my Tempest is not charging. The replacement PB seems to be ok right now, except support cannot see that the PB is attached to the Tempest. I have had the darndest luck with the PB. But I remain optimistic.

Silver maples starting to leaf-out (late–because of GCC . . . Global Climate Change.) Lots of trees in the area were trimmed back (contractors for the local power company). All 3 Tempest devices have managed to reach optimum battery performance levels for past month or so. Haven’t had to use the Power Booster since like back in late March. . .and that was only temporary due to several days of cloudiness. One Tempest device had a battery charge controller fail. . . wouldn’t charge up where by “el Sol” OR on Power Booster. So I ended up sending it back to Daytona Beach for Repair. I chose to pay the $30 repair fee instead of having them replace it and sending me another one. Wanted to keep the integrity of that device because I was sentimentally attached to it! Days here lately have been “a mix of cloud and sun” but even with the clouds all 3 devices manage to reach at least 2.80v all on their own every day now! Leaves not so much of a problem this year because trees got a decent “haircut” (thinned-out) so that’s no longer an issue.

My Tempest battery is pretty close to flat-lined for quite a few days despite good sun. Sits there somewhere between 2.6v and 2.56v. I have never seen that happen before. It is almost like the PB is providing a trickle charge, which I am sure it is not.

The foliage has finally asserted itself. I am dependent on the Power Booster now. Fortunately I was sent a new PB and it appears to be working for me. When voltage dropped to 2.42v the PB charged the Tempest battery to 2.6v.

This is the first time I have not seen full-time charging from one of my PBs. I’ve managed to regain a bit of optimism.

Anyone have an idea how many charging cycles to expect from a set of 8 Ultimate Lithium batteries?