Power Booster - Firmware Number?

For the upcoming Power Booster what is the minimum Firmware required for it to run?


It needs to be at 165 (for the Tempest)

If not do ask here or open a support ticket. We try to upgrade priority based for those having a Power Booster attached but … they’re selling nuts … :slight_smile:

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I have 156
Power booster ordered, I expect it to arrive soon :slight_smile:

Mine is also at firmware 156. Can I have it updated? My power booster is coming soon. Serial number ST-00018417.

Once the booster is there, just mount and link it to the Tempest. Our systems will detect it and add your upgrade in the priority list. For now I see your Tempest is still ok regarding battery charge.

Thanks for the info.

Right now my Tempest is balancing on the edge sometimes falling back to powersave mode. But it’s past the worst part of the year, so it’ll work fine til next Winter :slight_smile:

Though while we’re at it, it would be nice if Weatherflow provided exact pinouts for the powerbooster. Both at the power adapter end, and between the PB and the Tempest. It’s advertised as a DIY user friendly accessory, but there’s no documentation covering which pin carries what in terms of electricity. Of course we can test it ourselves, I mean those who understand the basics of electrical connections and actually have an electrical meter and know how to use it. But still, such an info should come directly from you, not the forum folks.

I installed my booster yesterday, and the battery is now fully charged. Hooray! But my FW version is still v156. Can I get it updated? (ST-00008768) Thanks.

I installed my Power Booster three days ago. But my FW version is still v156. Can I get it updated?
(ST-00048350) Thanks.


Per the 2nd item from the top of this thread (by @eric). . .supposedly the Tempest device will see that the Power Booster Accessory is attached and it will see that the Tempest FW is on v156. . .but needs to be on FW v165. So if after another little while (like another day or so) if the FW on the Tempest has automatically upgraded. . .you might have to open a support ticket with WF Support so they can do a “manual” updated push to your devices. Keep in mind that WF is extremely busy with fulfillment of Power Booster orders and related Firmware upgrades.

ST-00048350 should be upgraded now.

As said it’s a bit bumpy but they’ll get updated. And if indeed not, just post it here and I’ll try to get it done. Thanks for your patience all. The booster works even below 165, just not as perfect.

Thanks for the above,
I’ve not fitted my newly arrived Power Booster yet, as waiting for calmer weather, so useful to see I need my firmware to rise from 156 to 165 to work fully as designed.

I’d suffered from loss of metrics (rain and wind) rather than lower sample rates as the South East of the UK had a month of it’s lowest light levels for some 70 years. As days got longer and some sunshine returned the metrics came back and it seems stable now. I received very good support from WeatherFlow, including being sent a replacement Tempest to try, but the new Power Booster seems ideal.

As I have a hollow pole mount I wanted to use the ‘hole in mount’ option to fully contain the power cable. As my Tempest goes back to December 2020, however, I need to wait for the new Pole Mount accessory version with a hole, expected in late April.

You can drill a hole in your current pole mount. Just start with a small bit and work up or use a step bit. The rubber seal goes all the way across the top so starting with a large bit can cause it to grab when it finally goes through the rubber. A step bit worked better. After getting the upper hole the right size, I used a knife to cut out the rubber from the hole and finished with a large bit for the plastic of the pole stop below the top. Worked just fine.

Today I installed the Power Booster on my sun-challenged Tempest. I was worried at first because even though the Tempest was at 2.71v, it started increasing after the installation. Maybe I was getting some charging from the solar cell even though it was late in the day for my site. ( with leaves gone I can live on solar charging January to March)

In any case things settled down and it looks good. FW 165

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I guess I spoke too soon. Last night the station reported 2.68v. This morning it reports 2.78v, which is a full charge on my Tempest. That is disappointing. Station firmware 165, Hub firmware 171.
Device ID 93127
Serial Number ST-00013422

You mean from battery boost, I presume? and not the wall charger!

Side note; I got mine today without the order being fulfilled (missing ext kit)

Is the PBA connected to external power, as @ding.b said? If so, it appears that is to be expected. If you have AA batteries in the PBA, then it shouldn’t charge the Tempest until the voltage drops to 2.42V.

BTW, we need your station ID to be able to look at your station.

Station Id 29068

I did not think to look at the PB FW # before I installed it, something I would do normally, but not yesterday. :upside_down_face:

Yes, the PB is being used with batteries. I am not going to have time to check the PB firmware until later in the week. Sorry. It will be Thursday before I will have an opportunity unless I can make time in the next hour or two.

Then it shouldn’t be charging the Tempest yet. Maybe the Tempest needs a reboot.

Good thought. It seemed ok yesterday.

Uh… reboot as in turning it off, and back on again? Did “that” before attaching the PB. Won’t hurt to do it again, if that is what you meant.