Power Booster Accessory plugged in

Hello, just set up my Power Booster Accessory today, plugged into an outdoor electrical outlet. A question I haven’t seen addressed elsewhere—

Is the plug-in option intended to be used only as needed when the voltage falls to a low level—i.e. only then would I plug it in? Or is it okay to leave it plugged in at all times?

My real concern here is whether leaving it plugged in around the clock could be bad for the battery in the Tempest in the long run. Thank you!

It is intended to be left plugged in all the time. The LTO batteries in the Tempest is very robust so should outlast the rest of the Tempest. You can, however, unplug it when it isn’t needed if you want. You could plug it in the first time in the season the Tempest battery goes into the power save region and unplug it when you think it may be past that part of the season.

Makes sense—thank you, sir!

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So I plugged my PBA in the other day and didn’t initially seem to be doing anything, until a couple a few days afterward when I noticed in the night the Voltage rising to Max’.
I only turned it on to give it a test to see what happens now that daylight is at a premium.
Very interesting to say the least, it seemed to be charging at a very slow/minimum rate (less than the power being used) but then started with a rather quick boost this night.
I’ve now turned it off until needed or for another test.
(Turns on instantly now to apply boost as it should)