Power booster accessory in the US

Is anyone using the power booster accessory in the US yet?

Yes, why do you ask?

I am. I’m happy I got it. Since I installed the power booster my Tempest has worked very well even after prolonged cloudy days. Be aware that by design, battery voltage of around 2.8 ish is considered normal and “good”.

I’ve had mine running since it came out. I had bad issues with battery life in Alaska - worked perfectly and it’s as simple to install as it looks.

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I guess I had better order one. I’m in Willow. Where abouts in Alaska are you Tom?

I’m in Wasilla, just out of town to the north. My only complaint about it is that they use RJ-45 (ethernet) plugs on the wire between the Tempest and the power module, which means trying to extend it results in big, bulky connections. Bad since my cable runs through conduit… If they had used USB-C or DC barrel connectors then it’s be slim enough to slide through. But it works great - AC power and 8xAA together so it should run fine through any power outages.

Yes, I agree on the RJ45 connector. But they’re cheap and easy to come by. They would have been better off utilizing the same components on both ends rather than terminating as they did inside the base. Then you could extend the cable as much as you needed without a bulky connector in the middle.

USB cable length is limited. The RJ45 (in the extension kit) IS about 3× longer (than USB allows) for transmitting data as it needs to relay the voltage info and not just power.
Plus I don’t know of a weatherproof connector for USB