Pole mount snapped

Has anyone experienced this before? We had a pretty nasty wind storm the other week, but it survived that. However the temps have been dipping and don’t know if the materials contracting due to swinging temps lead to the plastic snapping off at the points where the 2 halves of the mount are screwed together. This is a KS unit so its one of the first mass produced ones. Ive emailed WF to see if they would cover this but haven’t heard back yet. Just thought I’d give folks a heads up.

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that seems over tightening of the screws. Can happen

CS will come back to you but probably in a day or two as they are in meetings/trainings and staff is low … just hang in and they’ll get you going again.

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Yep, they came back to me and took care of it, sending a replacement. Pretty painless really. I’m hoping that my tempest suffering from any long term damage from the fall to the ground.