Pole mount for the sky the same as the Tempest

I have a Sky/Air and I’m waiting for the Tempest to get to the UK. Please can somebody tell me if the pole mount for the sky is the same as the Tempest.

Yes, as far as I am aware it is designed for poles with the same dimensions. It also has the same attachment design, with some extra drain holes. So you can either re-use your existing Sky mount (without the extra drain holes), or switch to the new Tempest mount while keeping the same pole.

Thanks Peter :grinning: I would like to use the new Tempest mount with the drain holes but the sky mount I have now doesn’t want to come of the pole.

You can drill holes in your SKY mount.

Just wondering why drainage holes seem to be more important for Tempest than Sky? What has changed in the development since then?

Drain holes are just as important for both SKY and Tempest… the holes were added after field testing both units.