Pole mount/base stuck on Tempest

I just received my Tempest weather station, and while opening the box and looking at the different pieces, I took off the flat base and put on the pole mount/base. I didn’t force it on or anything, just twisted it into place. It seems to have gone in… and now won’t come off! I’ve put a fair amount of force into it (looking “up” from the base, I’m twisting counter-clockwise, matching the direction shown on the flat base). I’m nervous to twist harder in case I break something, but I need to get it off to turn the device on so that I can even attempt to set it up!

Any suggestions?

don’t worry, it won’t break. The first couple of times it is really hard. In worst case, use the vise bench to lock the base, you’ll have a better grip to turn (maybe use some textile in the vise to protect the plastic)


Phew, got it off. I ended up using 2 clamps – 1 on the station, 1 on the base (right around the collar), and was able to twist it off without breaking anything. Thanks! Now to go play with new weather data!


I had to do that with the first station I received. I put the base in a vice and wrapped my hands around the device and twisted that sucker as hard as I could. I won.

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Glad to see I’m not the only one with this issue. The first pole base wouldn’t even connect with considerable force. The replacement I just received went on with moderate force but now won’t come off…and of course I didn’t switch the thing on beforehand. Where on the station have you guys been vicing in?

Aside from that, this is clearly a design flaw. End users shouldn’t have to take this thing to a work bench just to change out the bases.