Please add a locking mechanism between the pole mount and main Tempest unit

The “click in place” portion between the pole mount and the Tempest unit has, in my opinion, a critical flaw - there is no “lock” on that base (basically trusting friction). I have had my unit disconnect off the base on a very sturdy 1" galvanized pole that is affixed to a piling (no vibration or movement) - due to wind. I am very sure that, if there was some button or screw by which to more permenantly affix the Tempest unit to the pole mount base, it would not disconnect.

ai, Did it survive the crash?

A story in itself! Lost to sea, unfortunately! :frowning:

Reminds me of this story! Tempest station physically disconnected from base in storm - BLEW AWAY - #9 by jfischetti

Wow! I’d imagine that’s what mine looks like :frowning:

This was not a base “failure” per-se, but more just the flaw I mention in my Feature Request. A “button” that snapped into place when completely affixed between the Tempest and pole mount (or a screwhole that alinged with a stainless-steel screw) would solve for MY issue (doesn’t solve for the failue as described in the article).

Thank you for sharing!