Physical Dashboard - First Test

Very much a first test - but via controlling a servo to show the live wind data - cant show the short clip here so a link to the tweet - thought people on here might be interested:




Really nice

time to invent and market some new gadgets :slight_smile: and maybe also more serious ones

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That’s a nice concept.

What are you going to do with the final result? looks promising. Keep us posted.

Will you be driving an anemometer using a small motor :wink:

Will do - this is where its at - updates the wind every 3 seconds (i go via weather flow to weather display and client raw to MQTT as it includes all the MPH/oC calculations pre packaged). I will post more details soon as i have a clear work flow that stands up…

Pic of the set up (needs a nicer pointer) - wireless and battery powered.


Tweet video of it in action at: []



A quick update - converted into a dial version with 270 degree range - work flow is kind of in place so i will do a tutorial soon with the 3d printed files etc.


The printed working version is via a twitter movie:


Updates every 3 seconds so the same data as rapid wind…



Another quick update for anyone interested - now got it down to a beta version that can by hung on a wall. The one below shows conditions but there is a wind, pressure, temp version as well. Just doing the build over the next few weeks and then will post the files and code etc…




i love it!!!

Going from a render to a working prototype is never easy - but a first version is now working and the 3d files and more optimised to print with colour changes etc. A couple of pics below of the Wind Gust dial and the printed face for conditions:

IMG_0801 IMG_5765 IMG_0800


This is fantastic. You may need to find a way to market these.

Another update for those interested - the dials work well but take a few hoops to replicate - as such i have made a neopixel version - reads data (currently WF via Weather Display and MQTT so it works with 3 second data updates but should be easy to read direct for a local network) - for anyone interested a few images below and video via a recent tweet Video Tweet

IMG_0883 IMG_0884 piweinwindstick1

As ever a tutorial is incoming with code (using it as part of a new data course at UCL)…



shouldn’t that be some mechanical blue bar moving up? looks cool anyway!

Another quick update - just rounding things off, i have a dial version (via servos, further up this thread) and now a speech version (push the button for data) and two data tubes versions for data via light. Link to the video to hear the speech version - Video via Twitter

IMG_0908 !
IMG_0912 IMG_0910|375x500 IMG_0911

These will be linked to a future post with designs/code etc to make…



Afternoon - As promised (a while back) some more info on making and building physical devices to show data from weather stations (mainly Weather Flow) - we have a couple of new 'things’s including a repurposed barograph and barometer now showing data direct from our Weather Flow units.

The page is part of our a new course over at University College London with a first post on Weather and Data. We will have some Instructables incoming on how to make them. It all new so do share, click the like on the page as you see fit - hopefully the start of people making and sharing physical devices and dashboards…



One of these vertical bar versions like an old mercury barometer?

Really nice work, I look forward to the instructables, excellent!