Photos of Tempest Installations :tempest:

Lol I was just trying to show where I have my station set up

Pro Tip; don’t have the sun shining into the lens

My new Tempest replaces a Davis Vantage Vue on top of my telescoping flagpole. The asymmetrical nature of the Davis had enough wind load to rotate the flagpole and misalign the station. It was only accurate when the wind was from the south. LOL


It will be interesting how much the flag will affect rain readings. The WeatherFlow servers will filter it out when it isn’t supposed to be raining but it may cause your Tempest to over report rain.

Thanks, I will pay attention to readings in the area - when we get rain 🥸. This is Arizona. . .

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There may be considerable vibrations caused the flag flappin’ in the wind. . .but at least. . .it has a clear view of the sky. . .something that my 3 Tempest devices would be very jealous of.

Wow nice Bike sculpture. Where did you find that? I assume the spokes rotate in the wind, I have two similar ones in my garden but nothing that large.

God Bless 'murica

Okay, so I went up on the ladder the other day to remove the big heavy pole I found in the garden that I thought would give my installation some strength.
I had a gap under the chimney clamp and have wedged some rubber

I cut up from the hammers I showed above in my earlier post and really tightened the bolts with the bit’s of rubber I got from an underground pipe reducer that are cushioning the clamp U-Bolts.

Also raised the height again to just above the TV aerial.
I see improvement but the wind hasn’t been too gusty to give me complete confidence as of now!


I’m pretty sure this wire is going to hit the mount under heavy gusty wind and trigger false rain. Or use some zip-ties so it is fixed or make it so it can’t under any circonstances hit any part of the mount. And I mean ‘any’ part. Steel is a perfect conductor of vibrations.

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yes I keep overlooking that and shall tap in some wire clips but the perspective is showing it as very close when it’s not actually going to hit the pole

I tried to hide the fact of the ugliness to the brickwork


I’ve bought this now: Works better now, but I need to adjust my pole still, will do that this weekend. If this is done I think I will get no false positives on rain anymore. Every monday there will be some fighter yets, but there is nothing to do about that, so I hope WF will add a function to remove the false positives (in europe) or by hand.

My new installation.


Hey, first post.

Mounted the tempest within minutes of receiving it.

Used 1 inch galvanized steel conduit and 5 saddles secured to a 6 foot 4x6 fence post.

I am located in carstairs, Alberta and get plenty of sun and chinook winds.

So far not had any false rain reading despite a day/night of strong chinook winds.

This station will be replacing a 4 year old accurite, but will run both side by side for a while to confirm accuracy of both.



Welcome to the Tempest Community Forum. Wonderful view with nice open area to wind. . .rain. . .and plenty of sun (when there is not a broken or overcast layer of clouds!).

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Thanks, I’m in the foothills, It’s a chinook arch which is an amazing weather phenomenon.


I am very familiar with the “Chinook winds”…lived in Fairbanks, AK from 1983 to 1987. It was SO nice when the Chinook kicked in. . . Temp went from -40°F to +20°F in less than 30 minutes! The Chinook totally destroyed the deep cold arctic temperature inversion and allowed the atmosphere to “mix” out all the cold air. . .though only temporarily. After the Chinook subsided. . .the arctic inversion immediately reformed. . .and temp fell rapidly back into the minus mid 30s F.

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We had a day a few years ago where it was 50 degrees hotter at 14k feet at he top of Mt.Rainier than it was at sea level 30 miles away. You gotta love temperature inversion.


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Installation of my Weatherflow Tempest on the left along with the installation of my Ambient Weather WS-2000 on the right. Both weather stations are brand new and were installed within less that a week of each other. The WS-2000 replaced my 4 year old WS-2902 that was pretty much at end-of-life. I wanted to have a traditional mechanical weather station to test against or to compare with the Tempest weather station. The only thing missing is the Stratus Precession Rain Gauge and I will be adding that later. Hopefully this will make a good testing environment for me. We did have a fairly strong cold front come through early this morning and the wind and rain measurements are quite interesting. The Tempest has so far measured a maximum wind gust @ 20.3 MPH/1:30 PM and the WS-2000 @ 21.7 MPH/1:15 PM. The total rainfall accumulation for this event was .68" on the Tempest and 1.02" on the WS-2000. Why the difference between the two devices? I’m not exactly sure, but I have read several reviews with “pros” and “cons” for each weather station.