Photos of Tempest Installations :tempest:

plus heat radiation from the panel below + wind turbulence for sure and as said, how long before it’s gone …

Got it. I will find a better location then. May I ask why there will be wind turbulence under this sitting?

wind will hit the plate and ‘splash’ open and some will got up and ‘cut’ wind that should go in the gap of the Tempest.

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Mines bouncing around like a rubber ball & readings of rain are not true in anything above about 7mph wind +gusts
For now, I’m going to try the nudge up off the led flashing above the tile it’s (mast) resting on.

Is now nudged up above the led flashing by about an inch or 2 but still erroneous rain measurement.

I’m going to go back to my original install with the plastic sticking out the top of the wider lighter mast when the weather calms down.

I’m back to my original 1.5" diameter mast with the plastic sticking out the top. Not much change to the spurious rain events, it still bounces/sways side to side at the top and noticeably at the bottom. I may try and put another clamp on the mast so it’s held @ 4points instead of only 2!!!

So I’ve moved the chimney mast clamp so I can lower the pole which now has an offcut of the smaller diameter one secured into the top of the 1.5" mast with a couple of holes drilled and 2 screws to hold it together, then some silicon to seal the gaps with a plug in the bottom of the whole mast setup.

Seems more stable now though my jiggery pokerey has caused rain while I was faffing around today.

Tomorrow’s weather should test it out very nicely


Update on the status & I see no pendulation which is what putting a device at the top of a long pole secured at the bottom was just asking for!
NOW with the pole counterbalanced slightly with a breeze that before caused rain to be recorded, no longer has the issue. (hope I’ve now sorted my problem because I’m also proud of how it looks and my retrofit of metal within metal pole)

Please excuse my spamming this thread but I’ve put alot of work into getting it installed.


Oh dear. :frowning:

Plumbing pipe bent in the sunshine earlier in the year

Just went out to fix with dowling and cable ties because bent over it wasn’t getting enough sun and has gone offline for want of battery already

I fear the more long term solution is gonna be paying an aerial guy to stick it on my roof.

I’m waiting for news of the extra battery solution? has that moved on?

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can’t you get some schedule 40 ??? that won’t bend like marshmallow :slight_smile:
If you want to use guy wires, use climbing rope to prevent micro vibrations creeping up the wire to the Tempest.

Yes the power booster is nearing, read this post from David

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The pole is a suffered wind damage casualty. . .but the Tempest appears to be unscathed / undamaged looking the image. What a wild ride that was!

I’m sorry it is broken, but somehow it put a smile on my face anyway.

Bad rain readings make it very very sad…

Not to be piling on, but can’t you hit Lowes or Home Depot for a 10.5’ fence top rail like many of us did ? That sure won’t do that in the sun :slight_smile:

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Are these American things? Schedule 40, Home Depot? I’m in the UK!


Yes, those are what is used in the US. Schedule 40 is a rather thick walled pipe and schedule 80 is even thicker. @eric is in France so maybe assumed you were in the US. A 1 inch Sch40 PVC pipe has a wall thickness of about 3.6mm.

Hi there, I reside in Scotland and used the 33.7mm galvanised tube and brackets via Galvanised Tube Size B 33.7mm | Key Clamp Railing They fit the Tempest pole adaptor perfectly.

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I assume you have fences that look like this photo, whatever you call them. The top railing typically fits the WF gear perfectly, is very stable, and very inexpensive.

Screen Shot 2021-10-24 at 7.51.21 AM

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