Photos of Tempest Installations

Recently put my station in its new home. I hope I get good readings from this install. My other option is a open field that will be a bit better location.


I would have set like 1 or 2 feet of pole (if possible) to avoid radiance heat from the roof. But if you’re in a very windy region this could invoke vibrations. The usual compromise situation :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply Eric. I will keep your suggestion in mind this summer. Took a peak at your station and it sure is cold there.

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Similar hardware setup on both stations except one is on a pergola(in MS) and other on a antenna tower(In TX). Mounted on a 1" galvanized pipe about halfway up a 50ft tower. Sticks out about 8" from the tower and about 4 feet above the roof peak. I feel I may need to have it stick a little further out from the tower but so far have not noticed any wind direction issues. Have bird perch deterrent for both just have not installed on tower one yet.


This is what I decided on for my installation. Really enjoying the Tempest.


that looks sturdy enough!
good choice.


Very solid… I think :sweat_smile:


Why not on top of the tower? Is there an antenna up there?

There is an antenna on top + i dont have a harness to safely get up there. I risked free climbing to the height it is currently and that even made me a bit nervous :sweat_smile:

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That is basically how I mounted mine, question is that one of those mailbox spikes? If it is it will loosen up over time. I originally mounted my post on of the spikes and then decided to cement it into the ground for a more stable mount.

I hear ya! Back in the day getting to the top of a 60’ 25G was nothing but now my knees start knocking when I’m 10’ above the roof!

Fortunately I have a hinge base and a winch in the attic so I’m going to put mine up on 40’ with perhaps 16’ or so schedule 80 1 1/4" galvanized pipe out of the top with tempest flying on that.

I have a 40’ aluminum free stander that needs a few welds fixed. Very light and can be put up by two people. Thought about putting that in the pasture but I’d need to extend the range to the base.


I did use a “Post UP” to support the post. Don’t know how much longer I will be at this location so I wanted something that could be easily removed.

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Brand new to Tempest!

Here’s my install, on our fish cleaning station. I suspect proximity to the canal might influence humidity, but humidity is a fact of life on the Texas gulf coast…


Welcome! Looks Great! :+1:

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I finally moved my station from a 10 foot pole on my patio to the roof at 31 feet. It is now on a modified antenna/weather station mount. This should give me much better wind data because there are much less things blocking the wind. It should be far enough from the roof to not impact the air temperature.


Looks great. FWIW, my son, who is a roofer, said you are going to have a leak under that bracket after a while. It needs to have sealant under it and then bolted down so the sealant squished out from under it.


Thanks for letting me know. I plan on putting the sealer there in a few day. I was reading the container and it said it needs a few days to set. Rain is on the way for the next day and half.


@sharpsicle how are you uploading the photos to weather underground. I have several unifi cameras but have not found an easy way to grab the images and upload them.

I use the iSpyConnect video software to process the RTSP stream from the camera. The software has a tab on the camera feed setup for FTP image uploads that does the name and filesize conversion automatically. Since the software needs to be running constantly in order to process the stream, I have it set up on a VM on my server so it can run unattended.