Photos of Sky and Installation



Multiple gens here. Old Davis equipment at bottom (still solid and working), iffy NetAtmo rain, and shiny new white Sky crowning the top. Gotta love WeatherFlow - style and precision.


Looks like you have everything covered! Can’t just have one station, I will have 3 when my WF gets here! Their kind of addicting! Thanks for the photo.


Wow sounds like you’re building a space station there lol.


@todayweather4, looks to me that he simply piggybacked a new pole for the Sky onto an existing antenna rig. Simple but effective. :slight_smile:


Georgiain Bay Ontario Canada. Largely for Kitesurfing conditions. Product is amazing. Well over 200 feet to base.

Weatherflow station on 15 foot windsurf mast off shore using a foundation screw base:

Drone shot to show how clean the readings will be :slight_smile:


The sky is mounted on a straight pole, which in turn is mounted to my existing TV aerial. Existing aerial was a tripod mount. I’ve got a photo of the original tv aerial pre sky install earlier in the thread.


Hope you don’t mind taking a swim once a year to change the batteries. Looks great for lakeside wind fetch.


Ha! Shin deep so no swim required.


Well one week gone and things have run very smoothly, with a number of fronts rolling through. Although I haven’t double checked the volume of rain, it seems reasonable. As far as I can tell I’ve had no instances of false rain readings. In fact on a couple of occasions I received a message saying it had started raining and I needed to check that it had, very light drops had triggered the sensor.

@Weather34 mentioned filling the pipe with sand. I think I may have lucked out in that my steel pipe is thick walled and when I inserted my Sched 40 PVC I made sure that it was jammed down so that the base of the pipe was touching the curve in the pipe and the duct tape made a snug fit approx. 15" up the tube, which has resulted in no known false signals.

The next test will be with higher winds but may have to wait until the fall for this.

Overall very pleased with my Sky and Air (station ID 2202).


Here’s my install. Was having issues with false rain. It’s a ten foot 1 inch diameter steel pole driven into the ground encased by a 4 inch PVC tube. Each filled with sand and three guy wires. No issues so far with wind up to 60km. It is five feet above the hill and about twenty feet up above the property with the hill helping. It is sited on a spot that best matches the wind speed on the lake so I know when to go windsurfing.


Great installation, @chuck.tatham

Man, I gots ta git me a drone. That was so cool!

I’m amazed at how stable the shots are. Chuck, mind telling us the model of drone you’re flying?


@wadegrandoni do you really need the guy wires for such a low installation? I would think that guy wires would come in handy with something over 10’ or so, but 5’?

Great location, BTW.


it does not need a guy wires but it will be better if you provide it. more secure means more stability.


The false rain seems to have been fixed only with the addition of the guy wires.


I very gently tapped the base of SKY tonight to remove a spider web and it registered as rain. Seems stable if I don’t physically touch it. Have had SKY 3days now and looks good.

Glad to see the WeatherFlow app updated for lightning and humidity fixes. Hum was fixed at 100% for a couple days but now came down. Hopefully the update will fix it.

Love my SKY and AIR toys :).


@rjfox glad you liked it! It was shot with a DJI Mavic. Incredible technology. Here is a video from same location where I uploaded waypoints and sent it on its way to orbit a lighthouse…which I had coordinates slightly off…bit of an autonomous close call.’

Be sure to set it to 1080p with the gear icon bottom right.


Wow. The footage is amazing and the locale breathtaking! You’re a lucky man if your day-to-day involves hanging out in that seaside oasis. :slight_smile:


Wow, that was quite a flight out to that lighthouse and back, Chuck. At nearly a grand a pop, you don’t worry that your DJI Mavic might not make its way home?

So why was the lighthouse all bundled up in white plastic? Looked a bit like the Michelin Man meets the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man from Ghost Busters.

Thanks for sharing your footage. Mighty cool stuff.


Here’s my SKY, keeping the Davis company…


@chuck.tatham I think someone from WeatherFlow needs to come personally inspect your installation. :wink: What kite sizes should we bring?