Photos of Sky and Installation



I don’t know where in the world you are located, but am guessing that it is one of Her Majesty’s possessions judging by the license plate and warning about left-land drive on the excavator. Here in North America, there are codes about sharing utility poles and the distances that non-electrical uses need to be from the electrical hardware. Private pole or not, no electrician around here would take that job…


Appreciate your concern, I’m only going to do it if it’s fit for purpose and meets all safety requirements. I’m a fan of tracking the weather, but I’d like to be around to see it!


Who needs a electrician when you have a excavator bucket to ride in :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



What the heck that ladder a 32 footer



You can move the other station further up your mast like I did:


Thanks, I may do just that.


Wow. We should have a contest for the highest Sky install. I think you’d be a serious contender, Ryland. :+1:t3:


Mine is at 5735 feet. :smile:


mine aprox 90 feet above ground level overlooking the sea with nothing but water for 290 degrees . wind gales beyond belief on frequent occasions just like today 60kmh peak average 41kmh but my poor old sky dont record that … one day weatherflow will,treat as a priority …


My new one will be at 35,000 feet over the Pacific one of these days, factory and Yun Express willing… :airplane:


Properly installed, 8 foot ground rod with number 4 copper wire. I do not know how I’m going to get it down to change the battery, it was a royal pain to get up there.


A Sky in NZ. Thanks, Weather Flow!
Raining as I installed it! The first picture is my temporary test setup, a second Sky (my Dads) will sit on the second pole (the two packages got separated on the journey from Shenzhen, hopefully arriving tomorrow). Once tested, the sky will be mounted on the roof with clean wind fetch, the second picture. The bracket from Amazon (Chimney Mount with Galvanized Steel Straps - EZ 29-36 TV Antenna Mast Bracket). Pole is aluminium with additional angle extrusion for stiffness about. Sky will be about 3m above the ridgeline. Hopefully, it’s not a lightning rod, although thunderstorms are very rare here.


Went with the tv aerial option. Used thick rubber to dampen any vibrations. Sits about 2.5 metres above the peak of the roof. No shadows or wind obstructions in this spot. I’m already getting better wind readings than my temporary spot in the backyard.




I’m confused by the photo, is this a tripod? if not then what is it?


New Sky arrived here in Ontario Canada today. Weatherflow awesomeness now parked on a pole on the deck.

Shipping update June 11

:+1::+1: will you post a photo when you have time?!?