Photos of Sky and Installation



That looks like a wood-framed double-insolated stainless-steel pipe fireplace. If your not using it an active fireplace you should be able to bolt a short pipe to the side and have the Sky a few feet above the top.


Is there a mount that you would recommend for this?

Would this mount possibly work?

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If I may add my suggestion. Instead of buying the mounting set, I’d do it myself to be really as stable as possible.
See suggestion in attached figure. I usually do this kind of things if I want to have something mounted solid stable. Sky is sensitive to vibrations.


You can buy 2 or 3 1 hole straps from Home depot or lowes or local hardware and lag bolt to wood frame ( looks like where edge trim is ) use some silicone where you lag bolt and make sure and get proper strap they are made for thinwall emt or pvc/rigid conduit pipe about 3-5 dollars


was wondering same … anyone… grounding wire needed?


If you are putting metal in the air attached to a building, you should ground it per NEC or local building code for lightning protection! Failing to have a proper ground could be construed as negligence when denying an insurance claim should the gods get angry and strike your dwelling…


thought so, I just did not see any grounding wires on any of the installs pictured in this thread.


You can also use minis ( also called pipe/conduit hangers) which would stand pipe off about 3/8" from mounting surface same sizing applies as one hole straps basically same mounting procedure lag bolts silicone and yes grounding if metal pipe is used if you used 3 minis and 10’ schedule 80 pvc you would not have to ground and probably would not sway if you kept 5’ or less from sticking above unsupported



if you used 3 minis and 10’ schedule 80 pvc you would not have to ground

I wonder if Schedule 40 PVC would be a better choice than Schedule 80? I did a bit of research and read that Schedule 80 is more apt to deform under harsh temperatures, which surprised me – I thought Schedule 80 was overall a more durable product.

I’m going to try Schedule 40 “furniture-grade” PVC, which is reportedly “UV resistant.” It’s also more attractive, with a high-gloss finish, no printing on it, and comes in multiple colors. I opted for basic white so it would reflect as much light and heat as possible. Here’s a link:


I ended up using a length of schedule 40 electrical conduit. It has enough stiffness to support my SKY.


I would try the Schedule 80 gray pvc pipe for electrical I bent thousands of feet of and installed a lot of it outside as long as you supported every 3-5’ ( horizontal runs ) it would stay pretty straight and that was with a lot of weight of the wires in it, has to be awfully hot to bend also pretty sure it’s also UV resistant
But I am Sure your choice will work fine I have 20 feet of 1" galvanized rigid conduit with 3 Minis to my 2" Rigid conduit in a 3 foot hole with concrete my other station is mounted on waiting for a a SKY unit to call it home, used to have 60" dish mounted there and ran FTA receivers


I’ve used 4’ of schedule 40 inserted into a satellite mount, I added approx 1/8” of duck tape to the schedule 40 pipe to get a snug fit.
I added 4 zip ties to deter the birds. No problem on the first day of operation.
We have a weather front coming through the PNW tomorrow so will see how the it responds.


PS the SKY is 4’ above the ridge and 32’ above the ground



i use a pvc tubing aprox cut to 5 foot … before you buy these online or local diy store there is a temperature rating stamp to check . you need to be looking for 35c 40c or 100f above if you reside in a high uv and long hot periods region… as the guy mentions above be smart about supporting in with two support points , i have seen some installs where it is only supported at the base this will bend or sway giving you a headache of false rain reports… if you to add a bit of innovation fill it with sand and cap each end again this really helps reduce vibrations and giving you false rain.

pvc tubing is the preferred-method of mounting as metal acts enhances sound and vibrations … simple test of comparisons tap a piece of steel or alloy tubing with a screwdriver it will ring loudly , tap a sand filled pvc tubing it will just dampening and thud and not enhance the sound …remember the sensor like a microphone detecting vibrations.

good to,see all these new installations…brian


Hi there,
Is there any issue mounting the sky on the same pole as your digital tv antenna? I was looking to add an extension to the aerial so that the sky sits a Metre or so above the top of the antenna. Any risk of interference?

Or alternatively I have a private power pole in my front yard, and issues if I mount to the top of that?




For safety reasons alone, I would stay as far away from that power pole as possible when mounting your Sky…


100% agree vreihen. I was thinking of getting an electrician to mount it if it’s on the pole, but then you have the issue of every time the batteries run out…