Photos of Sky and Installation



Really well done, did you build or buy the instrument shelter?


Hey Gary,
I can’t figure out how to post images of Sky, Air install, can you advise me?
Thank you.


It is tricky to find the tutorials for this site, but try following this:
Where can I find a tutorial for using this site?
If that doesnt help. I drag my images from a file manager window onto the edit box where I want them to appear.
cheers Ian :slight_smile:


From your desktop, drag the photo to the reply box.


Hi thanks
I made it myself over several days out of scrap timber and some white enamel paint I had laying about my shed.
The only thing I bought was the plastic 50mm x 50mm plastic angle to make the louvers.
Very pleased with it.



Or use the upload icon:

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Here’s a photo of my new installation location since I’ve moved home. The humidity is high I guess because I’ve located the earth-station just inside the treeline.


i love it !!!


Thanks! I ended up using a 1" pipe I had laying in my garage. So far it’s been working well.


This is how my Sky Station WF looks!


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BTW, theres a nice one being campaigned at Indiegogo right now. Look for “microdrone 4.0”. I backed it.


Got a new drone, had to try it out. What do you think?


I don’t see the drone on those pics ??? :rofl:
Pretty sharp pictures and compensates pretty well counter light on first one.
Regarding sky, guess some turbulences when wind comes from roof side :sunglasses:

enjoy the new drone (what model ??)


The drone is a Mavic pro two. Just wanted your opinion about the picture quality and the mounting location.



the Hasselblad version or cmos version ??


Hasselblad. I am really pleased with this drone. It’s definitely a proSumer quality drone and you could do commercial work with it.