Photos of Sky and Installation



This is my station


Thnx. Also in the ‘high’ north.
See what high winds can do to our rainsensors. :hugs: Hopefully nothing.
Here’s mine…


I’m more looking forward to an extra summer period :grinning: I still hate these false lightning events. I already disabled the notifications.


Untill now…i never had any false lightning events.
Last one was 7 days ago. But that was a real one.

Next week … If I may believe it … 23-28 celcius is expected. :sunglasses:


Here’s my installation. I’m surrounded by trees, so I don’t expect good wind info. AIR is on the north side of a shed.


I absolutely LOVE this idea! I just wonder how rigid the acrylic rod is compared to, say, my sand-filled PVC mast. I’m anxious to hear your reports on how well it performs.

As for lighting, I’ve got a light in my fountain that’s a ring of color-changing LED lights that might work well. (Here’s a link: The circle of LEDs is actually about 1.25" across, so how well it’d shine into the 1" interior of the rod is TBD. And it’s not solar, but perhaps a solar rig could be achieved by cannibalizing a solar string of lights like the one here:

Let us know how your mast performs in regard to stability, vibration, false rain reports, etc., won’t you?


Here’s a few shots of my installation. It’s been up three weeks now, and has been performing beautifully! I’ve detailed what I used for the install in a separate post.

Nice work, WeatherFlow, on creating an affordable, attractive, and accurate weather station!


Put a colored LED at the base where the color is tied to the wind speed. :grin:


I thought of that, but I don’t want to put wires up there and making something wireless, solar powered, is a challenge. For now I first wait how it holds up in stronger winds, and in the mean time I’m hoping to find some led solution that just looks nice.


at different light conditions.
Perhaps it is too scary for the birds. Non detected so far.
With winds speeds upto 30km/h it is swaying like 5 cm at the top, but it doesn’t generate any false rain

SKY shows continuous rain but it's not raining (cause = pole vibration in strong winds)

Getting windy here, now. WF station recorded a 38mph gust not long ago.

Wind’s are set to increase today, then even stronger tomorrow.


How are you illuminating it in the dark? Almost looks like luminous paint. :slight_smile:


it isn’t illuminated… yet. I have a streetlight kind of nearby. But I really liked how the pole completely became invisible in the dark. It looks like hovering in space.


Here’s my current setup.
At the moment, I still have some issues with the trees behind us, but after we have moved, my installation will have a clear 360 view with no trees or obstructions.
I use also a homemade weatherstation with some Davis sensors & zigbee :-).


That’s a really cool setup, have you got any more details on how you put it all together?
Have looked at zigbee stuff in the past, but it seemed like too much work…



it’s not that difficult to be honest :wink: , but here is some information:

In both the Hammond Boxes, an Arduino Mega 2560 is placed.
The Xbee’s are configured in API mode (not AT mode), and the Xbee library for arduino is used.
Every wireless node begins it’s payload with an identifier (number 0-9) and after that just the measurement values (in bytes, for example a float is 4 bytes, etc).
The basenode (an arduino Due with YUN shield) receives the packet, and based on the identifier, a different parsing function is called.
A lot of calculations are made (for example, I integrated an algorithm to accurately calculate the evapotranspiration based on solar radiation/windspeed/temperature/humidity, the Zambretti Algorithm to make a simple forecast, sunrise/set, moonphase, etc…). Afterwards, one big payload with sensor data & calculated values is broadcast on the Xbee network to a display.

The left box helds these sensors:

  • LPS25HB barometric pressure
  • HK-A5 laser particulate matter 2,5µ and 10µ
  • AS3935 lightning

The lower box:

  • windspeed & winddirection sensors (both an analog signal, but I will change them to the Davis 6410)
  • Davis 6450 solar and 6490 UV (both a 0-3V signal)
  • SHT25 temp & humidity sensor in a selfmade 24h fan aspirated radiation shield (the fan is a EBM-PAPST IP68 3312NNU)
  • Davis Rainsensor with 0,2mm resolution & new cone

Once you have this data, calculating hours of sunshine, windrun, wind gust, temp max/min, feelslike temp, 24h running average of PM2,5 and PM10 is pretty straightforward. Most of the algorithms can be found online.
If you are interested, I’m happy to share them.

I’m currently working on a cloud-connection with NB-IOT (ublox Sara N211 module) and a visualisation with Weewx, as well as a 3rd sensor node with soil moisture (Soilwatch10) & soil temperature (DS18B20) sensors on different depths.

Sorry for the offtopic chat :slight_smile:


That’s awesome, thanks for sharing that!


simply awesome i think when ive moved house and settled im going try and learn about this Arduino stuff… particularly the PM10-2.5 really interests me …ps the davis 6410 resolution is poor compared to the SKY resolution .just installed a 6410 last week and it needs a 4-5kmh gust to wake it up now and again as where the weatherflow sky runs nicely at relatively calm conditions. i was going to comment on your setup the other day its really good I love seeing this stuff …

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