Photos of Air and Installation



Where is your mast grounded to for lightning protection???


Looks like his wooden house


I haven’t grounded it yet. Gonna fix it this weekend. :wink:


@poider1982 Where did you buy it (i’m too lazy to search :stuck_out_tongue: )


From here. :blush: @blackbird

Oh… I see the price is already shown. :sweat_smile:
Material is great. They have put a good job in building this.

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This is what mines looks like been in all day sun sense end of July :thinking: and tracks all the quality stations around here,
within +or -.5-1 degree . All used wood and old paint, louvers old bi fold closet doors ,no money in it just a few hrs time. AKA I never throw anything away


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New to this and looking to install the AIR under a porch but do have concerns that the placement might give incorrect readings. I live in the south so these porches can get hot during the summer. Here is a picture of where I am wanting to put it and would ask to others think this area would be ok? If I put it here it will receive no direct sunlight during the day. Thanks.


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very nice region according picture

Indeed, if this is south side, it will become pretty hot under there if there is no wind.

Why not try to build a screen with a few bits and pieces like shown in several parts of the forum. If you’re a little handy it isn’t to hard to build and you will have most probably way better readings


Depends how accurate you wish to be. With so much clear space available it will be more accurate if you place it under a vented sun and rain cover on that fence in the background surrounded by grass. I find opposite sides of my house vary by several degrees. You have ideal locations in the background of this picture. If you decide to place it under this porch try to put it where it will get maximum breeze (without sun or rain). You could experiment the differences by sitting it on something in the shade of those trees, and each side of your house for 15 minutes each, particularly during no wind conditions.


It’s going to read pretty high. I tried mine in a East-facing location up under the front porch and it read very high as the sun heated up the cement walkway to the front of the house and the front steps. I built a little birdhouse type enclosure from scrap wood we had, made sure there was no way for the sun to get in and provided lots of ventilation holes, painted it white and put it on the SW-facing fence. Reads quite accurately there.


Awesome idea especially as I have several trees and had thought how perfect it would be. Ordered this trailcam mount as suggested and for $10 it works perfect. In complete shade and simple to move should I ever need to. Great forum here extremely helpful contributors! Thanks everyone love my Weatherflow.


I thought you might be interested that your Stevenson screen is very similar to the authentic, vintage UK Met Office one I have restored and deployed and which appears to do a good job.
Pics attached.

Thoughts on Ambient Weather radiation shield for Air?

I am looking forward to receiving the Sky and Air units in the near future. As far as siting the Air is concerned, I intend to mount it on the north side of my garden shed, which is easily visible from our kitchen window and rarely, if ever, subject to any direct light. I find the discussion on DIY screens particularly interesting, and would build one myself, but there is a problem I foresee in our area. There are a lot of fruit trees, so there are many bees and wasps around. It seems to me that wasps would really like this type of home for themselves, as I’ve had nests inside the shed itself, so why not some nice, cool structure like a Stevenson screen? ? Anyone else had a problem with wasps? The solution would probably be to line the inside of the louvred surfaces with some kind of fine mesh, but would that impair the readings?


I have my Airs mounted on a bracket (posted above in April) on the north wall of my detached/unheated garage, and it tracks nicely against my Davis VP2 in their passive shield. I would try going without a shield, because you probably won’t need one.

The stinging bugs in my neighborhood are so bad that we once (seriously!) had an exterminator call his office for backup, and there’s no way that I could get away with a Stevensen screen without an insect mesh inside…


I finally have mine on a mount on my front porch.


Found that Davis does make a shelter that protects Air but only if you buy 2 and stack them.
Even with 2 there’s a little gap (see image) but this has not been a problem. Recommend your mounting Air shelter on the north side of a post.


Have a link to the Davis site that you can share ?



Provided link in WF discussion forum.