Photos of Air and Installation



Great i know Gamma;) how many pieces 3 or 4? Ah 4 you had a coupon ?


Thanks for the tip @eric


Four indeed, and unfortunately no coupon :wink:


My updated not-anywhere-as-cool as @ruud Stevenson screen variant that I built yesterday from scrap wood we had sitting around from other projects


Idea stolen from seeing a Audobon Bluebird House in a local hardware store. Multiple 3/4" holes in the two sides and bottom for air flow, the back is open the top and bottom 1", the front is open at the top 1". The 10-degree angle on the roof works great for ensuring no direct sunlight gets into the box. Box is mounted a few inches off the fence as well.

Build your own Air Shield

I’ve seen people build Stevenson screens from louver doors This one is just a bit smaller.


Nobody can find the louvers at the right size and an affordable price it seems. I checked a half-dozen places and got nowhere. Wasn’t worth my time to try to build them from wooden venetian blinds etc. Your photos really help figuring out how to build it simply if we ever find the vent louvers. Thanks !


Wow… Verry nice Ruud.

Will gonna take a look next weekend. This is a great design.


I mounted my permanent and mobile AIR units to my front porch. I initially had the sensor hole mounted facing away from the house but kept getting false lightning messages so I now have them facing opposite directions at 90 degrees to the house. I mounted them at different heights to see if the one higher and closer to the single pane glass window tends to read a higher temperature than the other. I’ll have to wait until next summer to determine if the sun will hit either one as it shines over the mountain in the mornings. The thumb screw will allow me to easily remove one when I go camping or to swap places to verify differences in temperature readings. Hopefully I can find the materials to build a Stevenson screen like @ruud did. That looks great!


I see you have them 180 degrees facing. I will be interested to learn from you if one detects lightning the other does not.


I’m curious too, that is why I faced them opposite directions. We don’t get much lightning here so it might be a while. At least right now, since I faced them opposite directions at about 1:00pm today, there have been no more false alerts.


I have been pondering a Stevenson Screen for while but have been put off by the cost - as such i came across an offer on an LED Candle and Holder in Dobbies in the UK (a garden centre). Its made of wood and has slants at 45 degrees. I thought it was worth a try at £14.

I 3D printed a top to stop the rain getting in, although i guess it limits air flow and could be modified.



Now that’s a stylish Stevenson screen, congrats!


Do you have a web link you can share?


It’s not on the online sttore I’ve looked it up These things cost 39,95 EU here online but I saw no measures


Found it elsewhere as dobbies no longer list it (its cheaper to!):




Almost 13 pounds shippingcosts to The Netherlands pfew


is this useful for you? or this


Thanks Sunny I found those too I think I go for the heatingpanels that Ruud found.
Anyway thanks for pointing to it! Much appreciated


I was thinking of making a screen using the plastic air vents in the picture below. I’m worried though that the plastic will be too thin to provide suitable protection from direct sunlight
Any thoughts?


i used similar to those many months ago i bought 6 panels , way to check for light block hold the plastic up to a light or sun and see if you can see any light on the otherside through the plastic itself . i went through the local diy store checking all sorts and found one type only that didnt allow light through … or just buy a can of white UV enamel spray and spray them why your at it spray the inside in matt black or grey not gloss … i can say they work extremely well it eventually led me to getting a local plastic moulding firm to make me a dedicated one at slightly larger diameter allow more room for airflow and preventing warm air build up when wind speeds are low or calm…

i see a lot good ideas and improvisation going on here its really good to see and you will be surprised what a good local diy store has …however when buying bird cage type give them a weather resistant coat of paint just to be safe and to eliminate the wood becoming damp which can be prolonged after rain periods during the colder months ,damp wood generally causes high humidity readings …