Photos of Air and Installation



Here is the location of my AIR near the front door entrance that doesn’t get any sun.

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A new AIR installation in Hong Kong. I used a wall mount from IP camera to do the job. It’s easy, quick and … lazy!


I found this shelf bracket in the basement. It is perfect for mounting the Air once I enlarged the hole on top. It is screwed to the North face of the unheated shed,


Nothing special - south east side of the house. Receives a little bit of sun through the lattice work at dusk but that doesn’t appear to impact the stats.

Mounted to the post using a stainless steel angle bracket and a bolt I found in the bit bucket.


And here is the Air. :grin:


Up and running need to adjust the pole somewhat the flaps below the will be cut off later I’ve to look if this helps by hard wind.

Sky reports UV much too high peaks to UVI 9+ (maximum is about 5 in august)

Air seams to be good in temperature en humidty but have to make a radiation thing with airflow
Pressure is about 3 - 4 hPa too high dont know how too adjust this maybe its in the learning process.

Setup was very easy the app is very intuitive welldone !

Well we see what happens in a thunderstorm :sunglasses:

oops this should be in photos poleposition ?


AIR installation


Is that the Stevenson Screen from Metcheck ( I’m keen to get one and it’s great to see that it fits so well. What bracket are you using?


Well spotted. Yes screen from Metcheck. It’s actually screwed to a fence but you can’t see that from photo. I bought the bracket from B&Q this morning and used a 1/4 tripod / camera screw through the hole in the bottom to attach the AIR unit.


Any suggestions of placing the air more at a spot where there is more breeze?

I think that corner is more like a dead spot. But that is the only shaded place.

Could I put it next to the the lightning detector from my Acurite station?


The spot were it is now will most probably give high humidity readings.
The spot next to the lightning detector … is there any sun shining directly ?
If not why not, but I’d place it as low as possible to stay away from the roof that might radiate heat when the sun is blazing on it. But again it will be a compromise between, breeze, radiation, no direct sunlight etc … we all struggle to find the ‘best’ spot :slight_smile:


Thanks Eric.

Had the solution.
Put it a bit lower so there is more breeze going aside the opening of the Air.

Now my temperature readings are more realistic and almost the same as my Acurite station.
Humidity is perfect when I compare it with official KNMI stations.

Maybe in the future I will buy a Metcheck housing for the Air.

For now I am satisfied. Garden is always a bit warmer than the open field.


I constructed a small Stevenson screen for my AIR out of four wooden ventilation grilles.

The drawing I used to make it:

And the result:

Good for hyper local weather reports :wink:


and it even looks great, just add a few leds and you have some geeky device :wink:


best one I’ve seen yet by far !


That is the nicest screen I have seen, Where did you get the materials?


Hi Gary, I got the wooden ventilation grilles from one of the hardware stores in the Netherlands, I don’t know if these are available in the US. The rest is just some plywood, wooden slats, screws and spray paint.


I got a close look at the grill. That gives me a good idea on how to build them.


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