Photos of Air and Installation



it needs an area where heat will not build up. So normal free air flow. I mounted the Air at a back inside corner where it will never get sun and two feet away from the house so no reflected heat.


I put a screw into the north side wall of my detached/unheated garage, and hung the Air from it horizontally with the intake vent facing down. (You can’t get much closer to the wall than that!) It has not shown any signs of major solar-induced temperature rises, and has been tracking nicely against my Acu-Rite unit with a solar-powered fan. (Note that it is NOT recommended to mount the Air horizontally, because it changes the lightning sensor’s antenna polarization which severely impacts its sensitivity.)

The next time that I take a trip to the home improvement store, I’m going to pick up the materials to replicate the setup that @GaryFunk shared above. T-storm season is just around the corner here, and I’d like to have the lightning sensor working. The Air is best mounted vertically with the base down. Mounting it upside-down turns the air intake into a water inlet scoop when it rains. Speaking of the air intake, facing north (and away from the building) is probably a good idea as well…


Mine is located in shade on the back of a small bamboo fence.


nice installation but I think the sunlight will hit the AIR on the summer, because of the sun angle, it turn more to the north on the summer and become more vertical on the house. so i think this will not protect the AIR from the sunlight.


Finally had a weekend day when the temperature was (barely!) above freezing and not snowing. Off to the big-box home improvement store, to pick up some mounting hardware:

1 x heavy duty 16" x 10" shelf bracket:

1 x 1/4-20 stainless screw, 5/8" long (camera tripod size/thread)
1 x 1/4-20 stainless nut

2 x 1/4 x 1.25" stainless sheet metal screws

The results:

The nut is being used as a jamb nut slash spacer under the screw head:

The bracket is now mounted to the north wall of my detached/unheated garage, where my other Air has been performing acceptably without a solar radiation shield. Let’s see if this fixes the almost daily false lightning strike alerts…


I was going to mount mine on the bracket but I worried what the effect of the “antenna” would be and I wanted to get it further from the house.


How far away from the wall is your Air? This setup sets the Air at 15-16" off of the wall, which is far enough to clear the roof overhang. My other Air has been hanging horizontally from a screw in the same wall for a while now, and has shown no evidence of thermal influence from inside the unheated/detached garage.

If I get any more false lightning strikes with this Air mounted out there in no-man’s land, I’m definitely going to sink a ground rod and connect the bracket to terra firma just to see what that does…


I have it two feet from the house. I have a 2" x 3/4" board mounted on the bracket then I mount the Air on the end of the board. i noticed that snow piles up around the back side of the Air so I am going to reduce the end of the board to 1".


cheap wind proof :slight_smile: simple sun shield/reflector that is proven .


Neat idea. I like it.


I remember an advice from CWOP, they said that you should place the temperature and humidity sensor away from structure like this wall, maybe your AIR doesn’t show any thermal sign now but it will be different in summer, so if the wall heated up, it will radiate that heat to the sensor.

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For anyone still looking for an Air mounting option, I just stumbled upon this item on Amazon. There’s a whole category of them, with some of the other products being cheaper and even coming in 3-packs.


It looks most suitable to mounting on the north side of a garden shed (or a tree), but could also be screwed into a 4-inch wooden fence post for those using one to hold their Sky’s mast up…


It never occurred to me to attach the Air to a tree. That might yield more accurate results than attaching it to the north side of my house. Thanks for the link.


Could you show the back side when you have time? Looks like a good idea👍


Also I thought about installing my Air on my screened in porch, there is no sun that comes in at all the way my porch is situated, would the screen affect the lightening detector? Thanks


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Great find! And not just for weather instruments . . .