Photos of Air and Installation

The only issue is, there will be abnormally higher humidity.


The Collective… not all are situated the best, but it is what it is…

Upper left - the 2 WF SKYs (at least +12 ft. off the ground)
Lower Left - the WF AIR is “In the (aspirated) Box”
Stratus - on the “post” to the right of the AIR
DAVIS Weather Monitor II - far right on the “stool”

I need to get the AIR further off the ground (a longer 4x4). The DAVIS is temporary and will be moved offsite.


Trying out AIR with the solar unit through an Ambient shield. Will see what it gives over the coming days. Solar unit points west on North side of deck. Catches a bit of the direct sun. Will monitor over the coming days to see if it gets its share of sun or not. Beta 1 :smile:


I’ve had very good luck with the passive Ambient shield for my Air. Most of the time my Air is within 1/2 degree of my fan aspirated VP2 and at times, it will actually read a bit lower than the VP2. The worst case I’ve seen is a reading of about 1 1/2 degrees higher for the Air, for about 45 minutes during peak sun for that location.

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That’s pretty good. Even two identical units won’t measure same exactly.

I figure one of the reasons for no Air solar unit so far is false lightning strike detections. I’m less worried about those (I don’t live in a high lightning area) than I am about going to replace batteries in Canadian mid January, trying to wade through 3 feet of snow to get to the Air.

So far, so good with the modified Ambient shield with solar unit for Air.

,. And yes the Ambient shield seems to work well. It’s barely warm even in the hot mid afternoon sun. Good stuff. Glad it works well for you too.

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I thought the Ambient shield was a super-tight fit, which led me to my own not-so-fancy mount. Was this not your experience? Thx -

I have the Ambient shield too and it’s a tight fit for Air. You could slightly carve the plastic inside although not necessary.

I agree that the temperature of the plastic is relatively cool despite the direct sun that hits it. The plastic shield doesn’t seem to absorb much heat at all.

I have the Ambient shield. I did not remove any of the plastic. You have to stack the rings one at a time but it fits. I would call it a snug fit.

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I think that’s the key, you need to put it together one ring at a time. I think I put the Air in place during the first few rings.


Being a bit tight Inside the shield actually holds the Air in place, so not a bad thing.

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Can we have a link to Ambient Shield

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Thanks for posting the link

Welcome. It works really well and the plastic doesn’t get hot at all despite burning sun.

Ok, here’s mine. It’s at Cape Hatteras in Avon, North Carolina and yesterday it made it through the eye of Hurricane Dorian with eyewall winds in both directions, reported up to 98 mph in my neighborhood. I used gray PVC underground conduit to resist lightning and UV rays, and stuffed the 1" pipe in a 1.25" pipe to strengthen it and reduce vibration. It worked great.


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Do you have a link to your live conditions, or your station ID? I would love to watch your data.

It’s public so should be on the map. If not, here’s a link.

I am a newbie in this forum, and don’t know anything about meteorology but find it fascinating; and decided to install a weather station. I would like to share my installation:


My challenge is that I am in a community in Florida where every house got a swimming pool, thus I cannot avoid been more than 40 feet from my neighbors pool pumps and A/C compressors both of which are running on a 24 hours basis. I was wondering if the proximity to pool pumps and/or A/C compressors will throw off Air readings with respect to lightning strikes?