Photos of Air and Installation

Thanks for posting the link

Welcome. It works really well and the plastic doesn’t get hot at all despite burning sun.

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Do you have a link to your live conditions, or your station ID? I would love to watch your data.

It’s public so should be on the map. If not, here’s a link.

I am a newbie in this forum, and don’t know anything about meteorology but find it fascinating; and decided to install a weather station. I would like to share my installation:


My challenge is that I am in a community in Florida where every house got a swimming pool, thus I cannot avoid been more than 40 feet from my neighbors pool pumps and A/C compressors both of which are running on a 24 hours basis. I was wondering if the proximity to pool pumps and/or A/C compressors will throw off Air readings with respect to lightning strikes?


My Air install. East side of the house under the big patio cover.

The mount.

The back side.

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My Air install. Metcheck ClimeMET CM6068 Small Instrument Screen installed on the stub fence on the North side of my house. Added my Accurite temp/humidity sensor for my indoor display. Its been a great setup so far.



well THAT is just ridiculously good looking to say the least !

Since you have a real screen, I’d try to set it (if possible) about 2 meter from the house on a pole in the grass (+/- 1.5 meters above ground) as that is a ‘standard’ placement for temp/hum readings)

As it is now you might have some influence (humidity wise)

For a mere $92.40 USD plus shipping, you too can own one:

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yup - I’d do the $50 one with some assembly required for the fun of it, if I hadn’t already cobbled together a mini far-less-gorgeous variant from scrap wood and a couple hours of my time.

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My setup

and my air


I have the same instrument screen. Works like a charm. :smile:

Motorhome mount behind wheel well.

Enjoy !!

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I used a 5’ section of 1" schedule 40 PVC. It sways slightly in a gust. I’ve read that others used longer sections of Sched 40 so I’m assuming a slight sway isn’t a problem?

A little sway won’t hurt much. But the big green thing on the right might affect wind readings a bit. If possible, give some more ‘open’ space around the Sky, it will allow it to be a bit more efficient.


Thanks. Sadly the only open space is the front yard and the bride has nixed that. What you don’t see is a stand of tall pine trees behind my chipper (which will be getting moved soon-chipper, not trees :wink: ).

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I assume the well head vibrations don’t cause false rain events. If they do, try filling the pipe with sand as a dampener.

Here is a short video of my Mobile unit on my RV on a fiberglass telescoping flag pole. It didn’t get any false rain with this wind. Only when there is a sharp enough bounce, shake or door closing on the RV does it get false rain.!AmVyCndqX9Gso7kMsxOn4OTg3eDh6w?e=LIrupS

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