Own Station Map link shows map for last station visited, not map for home station


As Tempest web page is currently coded, clicking the Map link on my home station will show the map for the locale of the last station visited (perhaps one in Europe), and not the map for my locale. I often wish to compare my data with data of other stations in my area. If the map displayed when I click my own Map link is not mine it is needlessly difficult to have my local map displayed. I strongly recommend that the home station Map link be to my station’s local area, and not to that of the last station visited!

Hi @voltsxamps and welcome to the community!

I appreciate your feedback. Currently, the map remembers your last center point and zoom level as well as the last station you were viewing. The station you are viewing on the sidebar does not necessarily need to be in the map view. Most users find this helpful as they pick up where they left off or they stay in the same general area that they frequently search.