Outdoor air quality on the app

Hello to all, would like to know how viewing the outdoor air quality on the tempest app, will work? I just read where this will be available in early 2022. Thanks for any explanation about this feature and how this will work to give us the reading.

I just got the email for the WYND Halo but that is indoor air quality, is that what you are referring to?

My main question is if it has a local API?

Is WeatherFlow associated with WYND? I assume it is since the discount code is TEMPEST?

I just got the “exclusive offer” from WeatherFlow for the Wynd Halo too. I am assuming this is where you read about the outdoor air quality. What confuses me most about this is that the Halo seems to be an indoor monitor so where will the tempest app get the outdoor air quality? It would seem to make sense that if WeatherFlow is promoting this monitor that they would integrate it into their system somehow.

I saw the same thing, too many questions unanswered

I asked a support question on the WYND store site since the information there is too vague.

It’s indeed a promotional offer but the WYND does NOT integrate in the Tempest eco-system. That’s what I know for now.

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The recent email is a cross-promotion campaign with WYND.

:heavy_check_mark: Coming early 2022: View outdoor AQ in the Tempest app!”
This is unrelated, the Tempest app will have outdoor AQ data available like it does sunrise/sunset data.


No I’m looking for how they will do the outside air quality for the app

Good to know and I look forward to it. Thank you.

More info. Will one have to buy another sensor to get outdoor air quality. Or weatherflow/ Tempest will get that info from another source and then send it to the app. The indoor sensor looks interesting. Please more info

I took advantage of the WeatherFlow promotion with WYND. My HALO has just arrived.


Let us know how it goes :wink:

Any indication there is a local API, local web server, any info?

I asked the manufacturer, and the answer was:


We currently do not offer any API connects. We are looking at this for the future but no current plans.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Wynd Support