Opposite wind directions ... which to believe?

Sky and Tempest couple feet apart with opposite wind directions. Tonight this started and has been maintaining itself for at least 15+ minutes at minimum.

I really enjoy my WF toys but it’s hard to know about accuracy with these error vectors. (I’ve reported a suspected problem with Tempest wind in the past few days. It shows wind even when inside the house with no currents).

Guess you get it all … at least you’re not bored with the toys :slight_smile:
It is possible your Tempest has a 180° swap. It can be used both sides of the equator … seems your’s think it is in South Africa :slight_smile:
To be sure, just get out and feel where the wind comes from (use the wet finger technique :slight_smile: )

And set a 180° offset in the settings of the Tempest (most probably Sky is correct)


Will try. Thanks. My station is 25741.

I’ll leave it as is for a bit as I catch the rest of my sleep :).

Edit… It was working in the same direction earlier.

Maybe you have a very, very, VERY slow windspeed micro-tornado.

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Lol maybe. Might explain why I have little holes in the flower pots too. Maybe it’s not the chipmunks ? Lol

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Agreed. Never bored with my toys :slight_smile: I like the “what-if” kind of scenarios to experiment with.

I suspect you’re much the same :slight_smile:


Actually did get a micro-burst in the back yard a few years ago. Big trees uprooted.

Wind is a powerful thing. Don’t mess with ‘ma nature :slight_smile:

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Agreed… living on the Gulf Coast gives one respect for good old Mother Nature.

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Ouch… and the season is just starting to get interesting for you.

Probably the most boring weather in my part of the world (Northern Ontario)… no hurricanes, few tornadoes, no massive snow blizzards, no earthquakes. Boring… but that’s a good thing :). Mosquitos are a bigger nuisance than weather.

Best of luck with weather over there… The good thing about WF is that it can tell you if a hurricane is there. The bad thing about WF is that it can’t do anything about it :slight_smile:


I think there ought to be another weather notification in the app.

When a hurricane approaches, it should say “Get the f*** outta here”.

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I’d vote for that… TWICE!