Open for suggestion

I’m open for suggestions for modifications of the bird deterrent.

I think the Blue Bird of Happiness found his spot…


beautiful shot!
(just remove the bird deterrent unless you really need it)

The sides of the SKY are vertical so the tips of the pins are closer together. Maybe increase the bend on each wire so the top opening is not so large.

Hers is a Tempest and SKY with the BDA.

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For my location the bird deterrent is too weak and the birds destroy it so I have removed it. Which might cause problems for my rain amounts.
On the plus side of removing it the spikes do not shade the light sensor, however the birds might shade it.
My bird problem is largely resolved by providing alternative better places to stand beside the Tempest.
There have been many discussions in another topic, where we should perhaps move this topic to?
cheers Ian :slight_smile: