Open API for testing

Is there an open API that can be used for testing? I have some code that runs on an ESP32 and accesses my Tempest and I would like to share that or put it on Github but I am not sure if there are any issues with publicly charing my station and API Key. For instance is there a limit on how many API calls one can do in a period of time? A station the public could access for testing would solve this.



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It’s in the documentation.

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I looked everywhere in the documentation and I didn’t see it. Can I buy a clue?

Most of this is covered in step #1:

There is no test/generic access token (any more), and there are usage limits on each person’s API token.

It might be worth reaching out via one of the contact links in the pages above, to ask if they can make a test token available for one of their live stations at the WF office for users to test against…

I’d start with the big honkin’ API link at the top of the page and the Overview. Then a reasonable person would try “Getting Started” next.

If you are at all concerned about sharing your station and API, put it in a secrets file. Then you share the format of the secrets file and the rest of your code.That’s what I’ve done with the Circuit Python I cobbled together to pick up the regular UDP broadcasts that the hub puts out.

The problem I was trying to solve is to be able to post my code on github and have people be able to try it out without giving out my key and station id. The API interface was very simple to master and I had code working in a few hours. I tried some of the code that reads the UDP but it didn’t work and I was to lazy to troubleshoot what when the API works just fine and seems to have some products that you don’t get from the UDP.

The general idea here is that you don’t share your API key and station ID. Every user who owns a Tempest device can generate their own key and have their own station ID. The WeatherFlow data policy only allows individuals to freely access their own data, and enterprise agreements are required for apps that provide access to third-party stations.

So when you publish you code I suggest you delete your key and station ID, and provide some simple instructions for users telling them how to fill these details in for themselves