Online graph discrepancy according zoom level

I had an outage today and while looking at the online graphs I see some weird situation when zooming in and out timewise. The time shifts
I did some Photoshopping on the zoomed in version so you see beginning and ending of the outage in the same image.
Second image shows 1 level zoomed out

Beginning moment seems ok but the end time jumps +/- 1.5 h …
same for all the graphs I have

Os X 10.11.6 on latest Safari and idem on FF 60ß4


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Hi @eric

I’m not sure what is going on yet, but I wanted to let you know that I’m taking a look. I’ll keep you posted.



We took a look at the data and the issue you were seeing at the different zoom levels were caused by a data backfill and how we generate the dataset for each graph zoom level. To fix the problem, we re-generated your graph datasets for 3/22/18. There is still a gap in the data, but it is now consistent on all graph zoom levels.

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Hello Corinne

I just had a look but can’t go back that far in time when I zoom in.
You said there is some backfilling …
mmm weird

I opened internet at +/- 06h05… now at zoom level allowing me to see the gap, it starts at 04h05 … about the time on second graph on original post … if this is indeed the time from first data in database … the hub was able to backfill +2 hours of data … (since it went off around 01am )

not to sure how to consider this, why was it able to backfill 2 hours and not the rest ???

Maybe double check with @dave data since he has also a gap now : After an internet outage, no back filling

maybe you can find some pattern ? On both why it can’t backfill or only partially backfill (buffer to small ? …)

thanks for looking Corinne and hopefully it can be helpful somehow
As said I can reproduce the situation by unplugging the internet router and see if we get the same result regarding gap and no or partial backfill if this can help you

For ex I cut the line when I go to sleep and plug back when waking up, must give a gap +/- 8 hours …

let me know if this can be helpful

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Thanks @eric - attached are two images showing the gap. I haven’t rebooted the hub yet, will wait to see if anyone wants me to do anything before I do!

image image

You can ignore the temperatures, I still have it set up in my living room, not the back garden :smiley:

Edit: And these were the times it went down and came back up, if it helps:

[DSL: Down] Monday, March 26,2018 07:11:55
[DSL: Up] Monday, March 26,2018 09:31:52

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