Online date format

Hello, is there a way to change date format to dd/mm/yy on web data page??


not that I know, never found a way

@corrineb : is it possible to adapt the date in function of browser detection ? Or set the date to dd/mm/yyyy is we chose others = metric in the settings ?

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I think the application has not been localized. I remember David saying this started as a US only project.

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To eliminate any ambiguity straight, I do believe that dd-mon-yy[yy] is always better than dd/mm/yy[yy] or mm/dd/yy[yy], ie 04-Mar-2018 instead of 04/03/2018 or 03/04/2018. Took out of context, there is no way from the two later format to know for sure what the date is very exactly.

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you can tell after the 12th of the month though :slight_smile:

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Date localization is on the roadmap and will be done once we localize the websites.