On off switch on unit

Hi all. I am just curious if anyone has had a bad on off switch on the unit? Is this a known problem, or maybe just my unit?

Hello Lins

I do suspect your switch is ok, but your battery is discharged, last reading was 2.33 Volts.

A quick look at the solar radiation versus voltage seems to indicate or a charging problem or a unit that depletes way too quickly.
It seemed working ok till +/- July 6th and from there on slowly degraded. Still some charging but not as is should.

Time to open a ticket with customer support and ask their opinion. Be patient for the reply … they are still behind schedule. They will help you out.

I suggest you turn it on and place it in direct sunlight. If it doesn’t come on the 48 hours, you have a bad charging circuit and a dead cell. As Eric stated, contact support.

Yes I placed it in direct sunlight it gets morning noon and afternoon Sun clearly. I’ve just opened a ticket…
Thank you guys for your help.

Thank you Eric… I appreciate your help!.