Obs Count doesn't add up

Something very odd here. @dsj Why is it the observation counts are so different between the Air and Sky? Is this an indication of a failing Air?

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I see the opposite. Observation count is higher on Air than Sky, but no data is actually missing.

Screenshot_20181119-165050 Screenshot_20181119-165041

Good catch. Looks like a bug on our back end. All of your devices have a perfect 1440 obs/day but apparently, we can’t count! We’ll get that on the list.


I have to take off my socks to count to 21 so it’s a common mistake.


David, should the observation count ( for the last 24 hours) be identical for both the AIR and the SKY units?

I just checked the observation count on the two units (at 07:45 PST) and they are far (really quite far) from what you indicated as "a perfect 1440 obs/day’:

  • AIR = 216 (device ID 16251)
  • SKY = 22 (device ID 16250)

How did you even get to that data ? I can’t find it on the Android app at all.

Press the Gear in the top left corner.
Press Stations.
Press the Station Name.
Press Online in the lower right corner

That is a ridiculously non-intuitive user interface.

But thanks much for the info.

I am sure David will make note of your opinion. It is something most users will never need to see.

I don’t disagree that it is not intuitive as I have posted this many many times in the past 10 months. I surprised you made note of it.

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