Oauth2 refresh_token

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I have implemented oAuth2.0 to our Control4 driver as we are doing some updates to it BUT I do not receive refresh_token it is missing from payload. Normally refresh_token is used to renew access_token, do this mean that access_token received is long lived and does not expire … ever?
Also I have seen some topics about oAuth not being available for websockets, is this still the case?
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Yes, I think this is the case. Once you have the access_token you can use it forever

I don’t think this is the case. The access_token should work fine with the websocket

Peter, thank you very much for response.

any chance someone from Weatherflow can confirm token expire please, this is not that I do not believe Peter but I need to be 100% sure that this is the case.


@corrineb is probably the best person to confirm this!

Thanks for tagging me in @peter. I can confirm that the OAuth Tokens do not currently expire and we are not currently using refresh tokens. The user does have the ability to revoke the token if they want to disconnect the integration, but we will not expire the token.

@user97 The OAuth tokens will work with web socket as long as your OAuth Application has access to the web socket API. If you have any issues getting things working with web sockets, let me know and I can look into your application permissions.