Not receiving alerts on iOS app

Just installed my Weather Station, and also am not receiving “Alerts” on my iPhone 8, running iOS 12.3.1.

I checked the App, and verified that “Alerts “ for all three categories are “ON”. We had a Storm go through last evening, but I received no “Alerts “ for Lightning or Rain.

I am exceptionally pleased with the ease of setup, installation and performance of my new Weather Station. Now, I just need to get the “Alerts “ working :blush:.

I have sent an email to “Support “. Just wanted to post here as well.

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Same here. iPhone 8 with IOS 12.1.2. Recently setup my new Weatherflow but haven’t had any notices come through. Had a storm pass through today and had no notification of rain or lightning.

@mek, @shaun

Thanks for the feedback. The issue has been resolved and will be available in our next release.

Thanks again.