Not getting readings for our Air & Sky

We haven’t gotten readings from our Air unit since September 29th. We put new batteries in a couple of days ago and still haven’t gotten any readings. We also rebooted the main unit.

From what I can see Sky and Air seem to have a very hard time to send signals to the hub. Are they far away ? thick walls or steel structures ???
Try to bring everyone closer together and already see if they can communicate close by.

Look at the the rssi valus, they have to be between 0 and -75 for best performance. Below -80 it will have a hard time to communicate,

We have not gotten any readings from our Sky since December 12th. It has a solar panel on it and we are wondering if we have not had enough sun to drive it although the last two days have been pretty clear.
Two questions:

  1. We live in Washington state and we are down to our shortest days of the year. Is there not enough sun this time of year to power the Sky unit?
  2. Can we keep batteries in the unit to act as a backup to the solar panel?

You can remove the solar panel and insert batteries if you want to go that way. You have to ‘remove’ the solar panel though. You can’t have both installed simultaneously.


Your Sky might have a bad Solar power accessory as it saw a large amount of rain then abruptly went offline 12/12 around 6:33 am, but the battery voltage was 3.3V. I would remove the SPA and install new Lithium AA batteries. Also of note, it is on the edge of a good connection with the hub as the RSSI last reported was -85. Might want to relocate it if you have connection issues.

Your Air has been offline for 3 months. On its last report the batteries were reporting good, but the RSSI was -127 that is a placeholder that identifies NO connection with the hub. Check your batteries and move it closer to you hub to see if its alive or failed.

Ok. I removed the solar panel from Sky and put in new batteries. I also put new batteries in Air. Both are sitting here right next to the hub. Still don’t seem to be getting any response.

your sky is up and working, I see data from it

your air : did the led light up when you closed the battery lid ? Colour ?
Maybe try to open the lid once more and wait 10 seconds, close it again and see if the led comes on. If not open the lid and look at the little wires, maybe one broke off ??
Else if above doesn’t work and the wires seem ok :
do a long press on it eventually (more then 10 secs till the led goes off and back on) this will reset it, from there via the app re add it via

settings -> stations -> manage devices -> your air -> advanced -> replace device (this way you won’t loose old data)

Great for Sky.

For Air: the led light does not come on when closing the battery lid, even after waiting 10 seconds.

There are no little wires, only the battery terminals and springs. When I push on the led light and hold it down nothing happens, no matter how long I hold it down.

mmm beware, the batteries in the air are not all in the same direction as in the Sky

see below picture, please double check if you didn’t forget to flip 2 over
If not, this smells a dead unit and you’ll have to open a ticket with customer support

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