Not enough sun to charge the battery

I got my Tempest a couple of weeks ago and very excitedly set it up, all went well for the first few days then various sensors started showing odd readings. After opening a support ticket i was advised that my device wasn’t getting enough sunlight to charge the battery so as the battery drained each sensor was being slowly turned off, they did advise that a power booster accessory is currently being tested but if that takes as long to appear as the tempest itself i’m going to be waiting a long time to have a functioning unit. Unfortunately where i lived was a location that got virtually no direct sunlight combined with the weather conditions when i first received the device being very thick and heavy fog for about 5 days.
Anyway i’ve now moved house and set up the device in a new garden, however i’m wondering if the device will ever get enough light to actually charge the batteries as currently i’ve spent my money on something that’s useless in the UK because it can’t generate enough of a charge during the short daylight hours of a british winter. Does anyone have any hints, answers, suggestions, on how i can get the device to work or do i just have to wait for the battery power booster accessory?


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