Not detecting lightning events

I no longer get any alerts for lightning in my area. Have not had a hit for 5 months. When I first installed the air unit, I was getting alerts both for storms and false alerts. Any thoughts on getting this to work again. The alert switch is turned on or at least it says it is turned on.


Go to your station’s page on the web, and click on the green “Online” button at the bottom right corner of the page.

On the details page that the above link opens, does the Air’s Sensor Status read OK, Lightning Disturber, or something else???


It says “Lightning Disturber”, should it say OK?

Anybody have any thoughts?

Hi @johnmac78 . Our data team looked at your station. Lightning was noted in your area on June 22 and we see that your AIR did not pick up anything. There is some directional sensitivity to the lightning detector. You can try a couple things: a) move the AIR to another location away from any obstacles and/or electrical interference, b) simply rotate your AIR 90 degrees at a time and see if that makes a difference.

Note: a sensor status of “Lightning Disturber” is fine and relatively benign. It means that your lightning sensor is detecting some electrical interference in your immediate area and is squelching it out as “non-lightning” events. This is normal, but relocating your AIR can reduce.

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