Non linear scale

Officially the Beaufort scale is only using integer values. Yet in the grid view it is displayed with a decimal, suggesting it is not. (but no other decimals than .0 are shown).
The graph is also rounded to the integer value, giving it a strange, unexpected look.

I just photoshopped a more informative version which shows more of the expected behavior. I would prefer that. Instead of showing a linear Beaufort scale to the left, it shows a non-linear one and the data in the graph is still linearly scaled (a point twice as high, means twice the speed) No rounding of the data itself is needed.

just a note, there is an empirical formula to convert speed in Beaufort to m/s

v = 0.836 * B^1.5 m/s (0.836 times the value in Beaufort to the power 1.5)
Which gives you the opportunity to display real decimal numbers in the grid view. That or remove the “.0” part in the display. (I would prefer the decimal value)

and another side note: showing the data this way, makes it easy to interpolate and plot.

Beaufort is weird - it’s more of a classification than a unit. And I agree we don’t do a good job with Beaufort, especially on the graph.


(Someone on the internet was unhappy with the unit and didn’t trust the device, it turned out the graph was shown in Beaufort. Let’s make it better :wink: )

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it still is a widely used unit in some countries, including mine (the netherlands), but i just send an email to the KNMI (the dutch weather institute) asking them if it isn’t about time to switch to a real unit like km/h or m/s.

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