No station info showing on 'card view' - app or web

OK, I will messages them and let them know about the panels. Thanks for your help.

Will uninstalling and reinstall of app help?

Go to your station using a web browser. If the cards show up, then an app reinstall might work. If the web shows the same thing then reinstalling the app won’t.

No joy, missing from web browser too. Thanks

This temporary solution from @93ben might help you to see your graphs. Substitute your ‘Station ID’ and ‘Device ID’ into the address. You can find those numbers on your status page. To find your status you can use either the App or the Web page if you are logged in. From the web page - Settings - Stations - ‘select station’ - Status - look for ‘Station ID’ and ‘Device ID’

And if you tell us your station ID or link as descrobed here we will be able to see your situation.

cheers Ian :slight_smile:

That does work for a temporary solution. Thanks for the help!

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@B.S, @arklazak and @fritz614 We are working on getting your card view fixed. I’ll let you know when things are resolved.


Thank you to the community for the help and thank you to the support staff, @corrineb, for the speedy response.

Excellent support, much appreciated.


@B.S, @arklazak, @fritz614: your card view should be restored now. And we’re working to correct the underlying issue. Thanks for reporting this issue and thanks for your patience as we work through a fix.


It is working for me on the web and both devices. Thanks you for the quick fix!

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Working for me in both app and web. Thanks for your help.


Than you for the quick response and resolution for my case!!

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