No station info showing on 'card view' - app or web

So I just got my Tempest, went through the setup via the app and everything seemed OK until I selected the Tempest Icon in the app, which I believe is to see the current readings and it is basically blank, only a share icon.

The website for my device:
Which is set to public also blank.

It would appear that maybe the persistent app notification has the current info, but besides that I’m at a loss of how to actually access the current station conditions as I’m really not interested in the weather forecast only.

Not sure all the info needed but below is the hub/station status info which seems fine, any help/recommendations would be appreciated.

  • NameRaymond
  • Station ID28149
  • Serial NumberHB-000XXXXX
  • Firmware Revision126
  • StateOnline
  • Last State Changed2020-09-12 3:57:05 PM
  • hub_online_count1
  • hub_offline_count0
  • device_online_count1
  • device_offline_count0
  • is_wifi_readytrue
  • Uptime0d 0h 55m 33s
  • RSSI-51
  • Last Status Time2020-09-12 4:47:05 PM
  • Last Hub Time2020-09-12 4:47:03 PM
  • ST-000XXXXX
  • Device IDXXXXX
  • Serial NumberST-000XXXXX
  • Firmware Revision134
  • Last Observation (via Hub)2020-09-12 4:46:47 PM
  • Last Observation2020-09-12 4:46:45 PM
  • StateOnline
  • Uptime0d 0h 27m 5s
  • Battery2.73 volts
  • RSSI-53
  • Sensor StatusOK
  • Last Status Time2020-09-12 4:46:47 PM
  • Last Hub Time2020-09-12 4:46:45 PM
  • Last State Changed2020-09-12 3:57:05 PM

That truly is strange. What color is the LED on the hub? When you go to Settings, Stations, Raymond, Manage Devices, is the Tempest device listed? Just after selecting the station what happens if you go into Advanced and click Show Battery Card (or toggle it if the option is Hide battery card.)

Thanks for the reply.

The hub status light is solid green.

Yes the Tempest is listed in the Manage Devices.

When I select Tempest under manage devices, it gives me the name/enviro/ht above grd/Installation tips/Advanced. Going to Advance gives me Disable Lightning/Use RainCheck/Wind Direction Offset/Replace Dev./Delete All data.

Under the Station --> Advanced (same level as Manage Devices) I have the Show Battery Card/Show Forecast Card. I have toggled both Show Battery & Forecast Card to on via the website and now they show up under the station page, but the details don’t.

Also, I moved the station and the app gave me a “raining” notification so it seems connected and getting information, it’s just I can’t access it via the app or website.

Another thing came to me and maybe it doesn’t mean anything but I thought I would mention it. During setup via the app, after the turn on device portion, it goes to Add Device, here the Tempest was shown, when I selected the device I would get an “Error syncing data” or something like that and it would kick me back to the previous step for turning on the device. I would hit next and same result. Finally I figured maybe it was already linked to this device and I hit the “Close” in the top right of this Add Device screen, and I assumed I was good to go. Again, maybe I got the error because it was already added, but it did seem odd to me that the app setup process flow would end by selecting close as opposed to selecting the device and giving me some kind of congrats everything is setup.

Yet another observation, when looking at others device status I noticed there was a “last accessed by App” or something to that extent, but mine did not list this making me think how do I connect to the station directly from the app.

It is a known problem that happened to me too. Just open a support ticket and weatherflow should be able to fix it within a couple of days. I could not fix it from my end.
Good luck, cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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It’s a bit odd because I can access your rain, wind, ect by going here…

Temperature =>
Relative Humidity =>
Sea Level Pressure =>
Lightning =>
Strike Count =>
Wind =>
Rain =>
Rain Rate =>
UV Index =>
Brightness =>
Solar Radiation =>

So maybe just use these urls to view your data while you wait for support to fix it for you.


Did you click something to goto those urls or did you type them?

I had to manually type them in. If you notice, the drop down box won’t show them.

Thanks for the info @iladyman . I have submitted a ticket.

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@93ben thanks for the urls as they are useful until it gets fixed. Part of my troubleshooting to see if there was actually data been read was to connect to google sheets using IFTTT and it was consistently populating data in the sheet so I knew the station was sensing and outputting data.

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@corrineb @dsj this experience was similar to me at the add device page where I could not access the device which i had added but not go into it from there. I had to exit from there. For those new to installing, usually clicking the device will take you forward into changing its name and height etc.

You’re welcome. I updated that post so it has all the urls that you would probably be interested in :slight_smile:

Yes, thanks, I was just in process of checking other stations to try to piece the urls together.

Another interesting observation is that if I go to the Map and select my station the slide in window does have the current conditions.


Nice find. That will be easier than seperate url’s until support fix the underlying issue.

Support can select which panels are shown or not. Somehow almost all of yours got deselected. Support will fix it for you.

@sunny, thanks for the help. I will wait for them to fix it and use the urls until then.

The detail cards are missing for my device in the Android (Moto G5), iOS (iPad mini 4) and the webpage. Only the battery and forecast cards are showing up. Thanks in advance for any help.

I assume you are referring to the app when clicking on the icon.
When I do click on the icon, it takes me to just the voltage and weather forecast.
When I click on the voltage, it does take me to the graph that I was referring to earlier, but no other information is displayed.

it seems you have the same problem other people have. All the panels are gone. Support has the ability to turn specific panels on/off. Contact them (top of this page) and ask them to turn all the panels back on.

Indeed 2 cases … I pinged technical support but not sure someone is on guard today except major problems.