No Rain -- But Also No Rain Check

We got a downpour here in Boston around 1 pm Sat Sep 14 measuring a total of about 0.17 inches or so. My WeatherFlow Sky completely missed it to my utter surprise, considering it has been reliably measuring even the slightest drizzle as recently as Sep 12.

Put aside the fact that my Sky’s haptic rain sensor might be broken (the rest of it seems to working just fine) … I discovered to my confusion that Rain Check apparently is not triggered when the Sky reports 0 inches of accumulation. This I feel is definitely not how Rain Check should work: it should trigger regardless of whether any particular Sky is detecting rain, no?

I think this is also a golden opportunity for the Sky to automatically notify the owner that something might be wrong with the haptic rain sensor when Rain Check thinks it should have rained by the Sky is showing none.

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Hi KJ, thanks for reaching out.

RainCheck will not generate a rain estimate if SKY reports nothing. However, you raise a good point about quality control and we are actively testing such scenarios when RainCheck reports an accumulation value when SKY does not register anything.

We’ll follow up with you directly via email! Thank you.

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This happened to me today, too. We had a hard rain early this morning and there was no notification nor any rain accumulation from the Sky device.

mark007: When was the last time your Sky detected rain? For me it was Sep 12, which makes the Sep 14 and Sep 15 misses all the more puzzling. Was there new firmware distributed say on Fri Sep 13?

tnicholas: Thanks for picking this up. The Rain Check functionality is so exciting on many levels, and I do feel this side case would be worth pursuing — particularly in this quite obvious case of the Sky missing rain.

The last time it rained was many months ago, so I am probably not a good candidate to determine a window of time when it stopped working.

Can you tap on the SKY or its mount and have it detect rain? I ask because I’ve had one of mine miss rain when the others detected it. After tapping it’s mount it has been fine. Still don’t know why it got “stuck” but is has been working fine for a while now.

Tim (above, support) had me try that with my Sky, tapping on the top for five seconds. The first time I did it, the Sky triggered a notification to my iPhone.

But when I tried it again 10-15 minutes later, nothing.

I’m not sure what the WeatherFlow policy is to avoid false positives though, so ignoring another tap within 10-15 minutes may be within normal parameters?

I’ll try again tonight. Regardless of the test though, Saturday’s rain was a complete deluge so missing it was a major error on the part of the Sky. The fact it also missed early Sunday moderate rain just poured salt on the wound.

It almost felt like a firmware had been pushed out say on Friday that made the Sky overly insensitive, because the rain it did detect last Thursday was almost wispy.

IIRC, notifications only happen if there is more than 30min since the last rain.


It was working when I tapped it.

Just adding my 2 cents to the conversation. My SKY rain detection has been very close to both my Davis and CoCoRAHs gauges up until 10/3/19. The Rain Calibration has also been working as designed. However, on October 3rd .44" of rain was detected by my Davis and CoCoRAHs gauges. WF only reported .11". The Rain CL adjusted the next day to .36". Today, 10/4/19 .04" of rain has fallen but the WF has recorded zero rain. Yesterday I tapped on the SKY and it registered .04" so the haptic sensor did detect my tap. It’s frustrating because the SKY rain sensor WAS working excellent. Could the unit be defective or a change in the software settings? A friend of mine in PA also reported to me issues with his SKY rain sensor during the same time frame.

I, too have now experienced this same issue. Very heavy rain early this morning for several minutes and the station never registered anything. The other Sky functions seem to be working normally and up until a few days ago, everything was fine. It completely missed a rain event over the weekend which is the first time I have seen this happen but it wasn’t a lot of rain and I kind of forgot about it. However, the rain this morning was the kind that stops traffic and couldn’t possibly be missed barring some sort of significant failure.

These issues are not bugs. It’s likely a hardware issue. Put in a support ticket and let the staff look at your stations.

Yesterday evening we had heavy rain from 19h to midnight, my Sky unit indicated 20mm of rain by 23h30. This morning Rain Check show 0mm of rain for thé same day. What is going on with Rain Check. I could not trust this system Now.