No rain accumulation as Weather Underground PWS

I only recently tried adding my WeatherFlow Sky/Air to Weather Underground (KMAWESTR6), but for some reason no rain accumulation is getting through to WU. Wunderground simply shows Precipitation as “UNAVAILABLE”.

Does WU evaluate rain accumulation for some time before allowing my Sky’s data to flow to its servers? It’s been over a week, maybe even two weeks at this point.

Over in the Rain Update June 2019 thread, WF posted in the last paragraph:

Is this maybe why your new setup to WU isn’t reporting rain?


How do you change the option? It isn’t obvious (at least to me) what to change.

Is this maybe why your new setup to WU isn’t reporting rain?

Yes, thank you!

Now to find out where this option to turn precipitation on is, if it’s even in the iOS app yet …


App > Settings > Stations > [select station name] > Public Data > Weather Underground > Send Rain toggle.

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App > Settings > Stations > [select station name] > Public Data > Weather Underground > Send Rain toggle.

Thanks, but maybe some of us have fallen through the cracks because I don’t see this? When I select:

… > Weather Underground KMAWESTR6 >

I just get a web pagey kind of screen with a blue “View on WU” button and a red “Unlink” button just below it. Nothing else (to push).

I only recently (~2 weeks) added my WeatherFlow to Wunderground, if that’s relevant.

@alsamson2643 & @kujulu

The toggle button to send rain data to WU will be released in a new app update soon. For now, we can toggle this setting for you manually if you’d like.

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@tnicholas Yes, please toggle rain-to-WU for me, thanks!

Thanks for the reply. I’ll wait for the update. In Colorado we will likely have dry conditions for the next few weeks anyway.


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Just wanted to say “thanks!” to the WF’s support team, whom I contacted separatedly about turning on sending rain to WU. It’s working now!

I look forward to seeing the new toggle in the app.

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Greetings from a very new owner of a Smart Weather Station. I too was wondering why precipitation was not showing up on Weather Underground. How do I contact the right party to turn on my station’s precipitation? Everything else appears to be working great. Great to see this resource available.

Cheers, Rees in Racine, Wisconsin.

The WFteam can manage this manually. But they are working on an app update which will be released propably beginning of next week and will allow users to do this via app.
Be aware, in any case, the raw data will be transmitted, not the raincheck altert ones.

Thanks for the quick response. I will wait until the updated app arrives. I’m still unclear what the raincheck feature or function does. Can someone provide a link to an explanation? Thanks again.

scroll up a few posts and there is the link to the post with all details

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If I turn on Send Rain in the WU Setup AND turn on Rain Check will my PWS still send the raw data to WU real-time? I am having problems getting my RainMachine sprinkler controller to see my WU actual rain data, and I am trying to check every issue I can think of. Right now, I have Rain Check turned off and send rain to WU turned on. WU appears to have my proper raw data. I would like to use Rain Check to continually improve my system, but not if it stops me from sending data to WU real time. What I really want is a local solution using REST, but that looks like developer-land right now. Thanks,

So my weatherflow is reporting to WU, but the numbers are not adding up. I only have had it for 2 days and one rainstorm, but WF app shows 3.1 inches which seems high, but it shows in WU app as 1.14.

isn’t that the reason why it was turned off in the first place? the WF values will be corrected by raincheck the next day, but the WU app doesn’t (and cannot) see that. So there will be a difference.

One of the main reasons I purchased the PWS was to correct inaccurate actual rainfall being fed to my smart sprinkler system. I have a rain gauge in my yard that has reported 2.5+ inches (and the yard was flooded) while NWS says we got 0.32 inches. I don’t want to wait an extra day to get better data cycled through WU and back to my sprinkler controller (and have my sprinklers run when not needed) because of Rain Check. I am confident my PWS is more accurate than NWS. If I can have my cake and eat it too, I would like to have Rain Check continually improving my PWS, while at the same time sending data immediately to WU.