No graphs on iPhone XR

I just switched to a new iPhone. I choose a iPhone XR.

As I try opening the graph view I see only a white screen and in the top left corner a blue “<”. Same behavior in portrait as well as in landscape orientation.

iPhone XR actual iOS (12.2)
Smartweather App v 2.51(195)


Same issue here with my XR on IOS 12.2 and v2.51 (195).

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let’s call in @anon84912554 then to have a look

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No change with 2.60. Graphics still not visible.

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I unfortunately had to buy an iphone 8 at the weekend as my lightning port packed up on my 6s. Like the others it shows no graphs at all. Its on IOS 12.2.

My old 6s on 12.2 (now repaired) is working fine and shows the graphs as always.

Apps are v2.51 (195) on both 8 and 6s. so definitely hardware related

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Same situation on my side. Switched from 6s to XR.
Does anybody knows, who is responsible for the iOS app at WF?

@mrburns Did you, ore anybod else, already open a ticket in the WF-Support-ticket system ?

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I have not, but as you know support will be trawling the forum as normal and will pick it up.

They usually post here to tell us so fingers crossed.
@anon84912554 @WFmarketing

Yes, l know. It was just a question or to double or triple the issue. Due to optimize the workload at WFsupport. :wink:

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Maybe the XR is broken.

Until now this is the only app which shows issues…

Anybody around using an XR and has working graphs ?

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I have an Xr and have the same problem with graphIng as well. Works perfectly fine with the iPad

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this is an issue for @dtrauger

Can you have a look at this please ?

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We are looking into this issue as we speak. Will follow-up when we have more information.


@jrwillies @mrburns @joseph.m.nardone @dsfg

We spent some time attempting to reproduce the issue on our available test devices, unfortunately we do not have an XR or 8 on hand and were forced to rely on the simulators for those devices. On the surface, the issue definitely seems to be hardware specific as the graphs seem to load and display properly on every hardware model we have on hand which covers most of the devices produced over the past few years.

A few follow-up questions / requests in effort get this resolved:

  1. Is this affecting all graphs or just a particular parameter, e.g. the temperature graph works but the wind graph does not?
  2. Is this affecting a particular zoom level, i.e. zooming in or out does not cause data to appear?
  3. Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing?

Thanks again and please let us know.




Zoom is off, but font is large. Attaching a few screen shots. Let me know what else you may need.





Best Regards
Joe Nardone

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Derek; it happens on every screen with a graph that I go into on weather smart. There is no ability to zoom in on it. Here is the screenshot

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I see on the screenshots you are all on wifi, is it same when only on cellular ??


My settings are Zoom is off, font is standard…

As my iphone 8 was out of the box I restored all from my Iphone 6 backup taken off the live phone6 5 minutes before and so settings etc are exactly as 6 unless there is a hardware over ride. Both 6 and 8 are on 12.2.

My screen dump is exactly like josephs above.

Would you like any screen dumps of model etc?

Forgot to confirm that NO graphs at all show on the phone in the App

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Can confirm it happens when no wifi connected


I believe we have tracked down the issue and it appears to be related to an authentication bug rather than a graph bug. We are in the process of deploying an updated version of the app to address the issue. In the meantime, a workaround would be to logout and log back in if you are experiencing the issue.

If you have any questions, please let me know.