No device offline notification for SKY

The batteries in my SKY ran out a few days ago, but I received no iOS push notification when the device went offline. I seem to remember this happening the last time my batteries died as well. I did receive a push when new batteries were installed and the device came back online. No low battery warning, either.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Yes! My Hub crashed a few days ago, and I didn’t receive an alert for everything going down. After I rebooted the Hub, I received alerts that everything came back up…


It seeems the status notifications aren’t stable. Sometimes they are send sometimes not either pay mail and as push.

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Seems the battery capacity isn’t king enough during the winter solitude attitude of the sun where I’m at…goes off at night and back in only after sunrise.

Any tips or ideas??

if you use the solar panel a few hours of light should be more then enough to charge for a night …

maybe share the link to your station and/or paste it in your profile. Makes it easy to have a look at your station.

How would I do that?

Jeff J

you tap your logo (J in green bullet) on top right of the page and it’ll open a menu in which you tap your nickname to open a submenu you choose preferences. Then on the left choose profile and in about me you paste the link to your station’s webpage.

I think that is true only if it isn’t too cold. If the battery is too cold the charge controller won’t charge the battery.

See this post and the linked page :slightly_smiling_face:

The data is being shared. Still, the Sky unit goes down after sunset.

Please advise if you can

Jeff J

You have to let us know your stations ID, otherwise we can’t :wink:


Turtle Ono



Jeff J

Hey Jeff,
Please have a look to the Topic I linked above.
And follow the described steps to find the ID of your station.
It should be a 5 digit number.

Jeff J

where you live, there is way enough light to charge the battery. I think your solar panel is dead. Bring the sky down, take the solar panel off and look for corrosion on the pins, water, … , see if resetting all helps and if not, use normal batteries in the sky again (hope you took them out when you installed the solar panel). Sky will most probably resume working normally with batteries

and please open a ticket at or by emailing They will send you most probably a new one


Will do.

Incidentally right in cue…albeit a little late…Sky is up again.


Jeff J

Another datapoint: I did get a device offline notification for my AIR device the other day. It went offline mysteriously and came back a short while later with no intervention on my part. Incidentally, that’s never happened before, but it does show that at least something is working for device offline notifications.

Another data point: my Sky’s solar panel is being replaced for similar reasons. During the recent snow in Boston the batteries lasted about three days before dropping out-of-touch of the hub at 2.10V.

The panel was clear of snow just a couple days later, well before the Sky shut itself down (according to my webcams). Yet, the Sky never recharged beyond 2.81V despite several outright clear days.

This caused the Sky to go offline every evening until it just flat-out gave up a couple days ago at a final voltage of 2.41V.

The state of the battery has been “REPLACE” since this all went down, so at least the Sky knew something was wrong.

My colleague — who actually introduced me to Sky+Air! — also has suffered similar problems. Unfortunately, his Sky is properly mounted on his roof so it will be some time he can replace it with the panel WeatherFlow sent him. Mine is much more accessible in its “unintentionally permanent” test mounting location …

One thing is for sure: the vertical panels in the Tempest will hopefully make it more immune to snow accumulation…