NMEA 0183 output

We have a Tempest unit mounted on the mast of our boat. It would make a perfect marine wind instrument if it could output data in the marine format called NMEA 0183. Can you please add this simple feature? Most marine navigation systems can accept the data through wifi but it needs to be in that format.

Thanks, Dave

@dave11 WELCOME !!

I see where this idea is going, and I like it.
That being said, I can’t see WF getting into that unique market (yet).

Just some funny thoughts…

A “WF-to-NMEA converter” is easy, the NMEA sentence headers for weather
are well-documented. A simple Arduino in-and-out … skidding brakes…(kidding).
As a fellow boater; I would never trust navigation to an experiment I built just to see if it can be done … that runs on 9V :grinning:

Your idea is worth pursuing . . . needs some details.


The Tempest does not lend itself for use in a non-stationary environment. There are ultrasonic mast-top sensors for marine use (like the one from France that I can’t think of at the moment) that are in the same price range and probably support native NMEA 0183 over a wired connection…