Newbie questions

Hello all,

I should be receiving my new Tempest station soon.

A few questions:
What is the minimum and maximum OD (outside diameter) measurements for the support mounting pipe? I have a piece of fence top rail that I plan to use; it’s slightly over one inch OD. I have seen that it takes a one inch pipe, but what about slightly over or under one inch?

Also, can I have my station display on my Android based phone, and my iPad, and on my desktop Windows 10 machine all at the same time?


For part one, what is slightly ?? It can adapt but there’s a limit to the plastic’s elasticity.

For part 2, yep, not a problem. You can look at your station’s page with several devices, from several locations even.


Great question! The pole mount will fit outer diameters from 1.25" (32mm) to 1.315" (33.4mm). Most commonly this is what they call “one inch” pipe in the US. But, note, “one inch” pip does not actually have an outer diameter of 1.0 inch because the name is based on the inner diameter of “schedule 40” pipe (sort of, schedule 40 is actually around 1.05").

Anyway, if you go to your local DIY store and ask for “one inch pipe” that’s what you want!

More mounting and installing tips are here:

And be sure to check out these simple installation examples:

Absolutely !

Thanks for the reply. I have a section of galvanized fence top rail, which is what many people recommend. I haven’t measured the OD, but I’m fairly certain it will work. If not, I will get something else.

This station will replace an older Davis station on a rooftop tripod mount.

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Thanks dsj for our response!
Yes, pipe size is based on the inside diameter (ID), so one inch PVC would be one inch inside, and larger outside. Difference being on whether it’s schedule 40, 80, or 120. Tubing size is based on OD. At least this is what I was taught. :wink:


If it isn’t tight enough, you can always use some tape around the pipe and mount over it. Beware, steel pipes tend to have vibration under windy conditions that ‘can’ provoke false rain. Just test and see what happens? And if you can fill it with white sand for ex, that dampens those micro vibrations quite a lot.

The section of top rail is cut down to about six feet. It will be mounted in a tripod mount on the peak of my roof. The sensor will be about six feet above the roof. I don’t expect there to be any flexing at all with this arrangement, but we’ll see.

The flexing isn’t going to be the issue. It is vibrations which may be an issue. If you get false rain readings you can try filling the pole with dry sand to dampen the vibrations.

Okay, I just received my Tempest. I cannot get my Android phone or iPad to “see” the device. It says the light on the base of the Tempest should be flashing green. It is, but only for a few seconds; then it changes to a purple color and then goes out. It won’t come back on until I turn the switch off and then back on again, it stays green for a few seconds, and then goes out.

The light on the hub is flashing between a light blue and a dark blue.

Make the connection to the hub first anf get WiFi set up. Leave the Tempest off until then. Once the hub is setup and you are at the Add Device screen, turn on the Tempest. If you press the LED (it is a button too) for ~10 seconds it will reset the Tempest and you should be able to see it in the app.

Make sure only one device has the app open at a time during setup. Make sure Bluetooth and GPS location are enabled. Do not try to pair Bluetooth to the hub, the app will take care of it. If you already paired it, then tell your device to “forget device” so it won’t interfere with set up.

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Thanks gizmoev. I think it’s working now. I had to press the green LED and hold it before my phone would “see” the device.

Do I need to repeat this initial setup for each device I plan to use to view my station data on?

Hi @kenr313
This help might help

No. The bluetooth connection to setup the station and then to connect the Tempest to your station is to enable setting the wifi details into the hub which is your station. Once the hub and tempest are setup and connected to wifi you can close the App.
Then you have several ways to view your weather and because you wish to use several devices I recomend opening an internet browser of your choice and using the internet address. It will look something like this but with your numbers
From there click the cloud in top right, or click a reading to see a chart. And if you are logged into weatherflow forum on that device you will also find settings where you can find details and change settings for your device without using bluetooth and the App.
If you add the internet link of your station to your profile on this forum we will be able to help you more with any more questions.
The other hint is anything you wish to know has probably been answered here already. So use the search magnifying glass to find your answers.
Cheers Ian :slight_smile:

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Glad it is working. I see @iladyman answered your other question. You might also like to see a more detailed look at the app here: Detailed App instructions