New weathercam with Tempest data overlaid

Here is a view of the cam. I was able to get this accomplished via my meteobridge. Image updates every 10 min by refreshing.

Thought i would create a thread were we can share cam links.


And that same weather cam integrated into the WeatherBox display:



I would just warn some in case you have less nice neighbours and according laws where you live. In Europe it is not allowed to film in any way the public road. You can take sky, your personal garden etc but not the public road. Double check where you live you are allowed to show the public road like you do in your webcam.

If you can it’s fun to see what happens around the house, more lively then a few clouds rushing by.

Nice morning L4–Low cloud 4 (Stratocumulus).

Totally legal to video anything that’s considered visible to the public here on this side of the pond, in the Land of the Free.

I have an 8MP professional security camera mounted to a post at the side of our dead-end road, recording every car that goes in or out. Last spring, the police asked me to provide video from it as part of a murder investigation. In the fall, I had to appear before a Grand Jury and explain the video so that an indictment was issued and the accused individual could be arrested.

It also seems like every other house in the USA has a Ring door bell camera, despite the privacy concerns with them. Both the police and TV news are always showing Ring video footage when something bad happens…


Great Job. can you explain how you accomplished all this, or just an overview. would love to integrate/access either my security cam’s or a PI Cam (currently running WeeWx) …

as a side note:
The cops here constantly come and ask for video footage, so far i’ve been able to provide footage that caught a guy creeping trying to get a grade school kid in his car, and numerous accidents the latest being a roll-over … In Crook County (Cook county = Chicago and suburbs) it’s legal to watch your property, but not explicitly the public road. so my cams aim at my driveway, but also catch the intersection, or my front door, and intersection…

i digress - really interested in getting a feed with weather overlay… any tips help.


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That question is best suited for the station owner, @user152 .


Sunset Time Lapse from my video camera from a few days ago. Love this Cam


Cheapo USB cam attached to a model-B pi and shooting out the upstairs window. Camera was about $35 a year and a half ago at Amazon but I don’t see them offered there any more - AUKEY Overview FHD Video 1080p, FALSH DEAL RIGHT NOW! (you gotta love the misspelling on their site)

Screen Shot 2022-01-22 at 1.45.40 PM

Overlaying of the conditions at the top is done by imagemagick on the pi overlaying the contents of a file I write out with weewx every archive period via my custom skin there. Code in case folks want to do something similar is pretty easy…

# overlay text on the webcam image via 'convert' from ImageMagick

MSG=`cat /mnt/ramdisk/current.html`
convert /mnt/ramdisk/motion/image.jpg -alpha on                                    \
  \( +clone -scale x5% -threshold 101% -channel A -fx "0.5" \) \
  -gravity north -composite                                     \
  -fill white -pointsize 18 -annotate 0,0 "${MSG}" /mnt/ramdisk/motion/image-overlaid.jpg