New : Voting System on Feature Requests 🗳

Dear Tempest app users,

We want your feedback and suggestions to gain visibility with our development team and so we’re implementing a way to vote on proposed feature requests.
From now on, each forum user will be able to vote on every topic in the feature requests category. This will help the development team to prioritize improvements.

Voting rules and details:

  • Each forum user has a limited number of 5 votes available. Users can see their vote count on their activity page.
  • Users can cast a vote on open topics. When a topic is closed, votes are archived, voting closes, and voters will regain their vote to use on a different feature request.
  • If a topic is re-opened the votes are returned to the users’ vote count. If a user has a negative vote count from a re-opened topic, they will simply need to wait until other topics are closed or archived to allow voting again.

Feature request topic guidelines:

  • Each topic should only contain one proposed feature request. Topics created in the feature request category are subject to edits made by moderators and WeatherFlow staff for brevity, context and clarity.
  • Original poster should make additional comments in a separate reply, not on the proposed feature request which should be as succinct as possible.
  • Topics and discussion of feature request should be carried out with the objective of convincing users to cast their votes on propose feature requests.

WeatherFlow staff will periodically close topics with one of two responses. We will either accept the feature request and work on implementing it on either web app, mobile app or both. Or we will explain why a particular request will not be feasible.

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions to help us improve!

After a week using the voting system, a few small additions have been made as we learn and experience. Below a short description on what you may have seen. Weatherflow team and the tech-gurus review your proposals day after day and we needed to add a few things to make the follow up easier. As we go this can be tweaked even more and we will try to keep this updated, making it easier for you to follow what we do and why.

Your Feature Request post title may be edited with a tag in [square brackets]. This tag does not limit the scope or application of your feature request. Here are some tags you may see:

  • [App]: Typically applies to any application be that mobile or web
  • [API]: Items which apply to the Application Program Interface
  • [FW]: Items which may apply to device firmware
  • [IF]: Interface
  • [Apple]: Apple watch

Note that WeatherFlow has stated that, “From the dev team perspective, even though a feature may be seen as an app-specific thing, it touches many systems for us. Most new feature require some sort of API support and in some rare cases features may even require FW support.” So rest assured that the tags will not have a negative effect on your feature request.

These little tweaks help us to streamline the voting system.
Thanks to all for you proposals/ideas and thanks to all reading them and voting for the proposals they would like to see implemented. Let the votes come in :+1: