New tool to download your weather data to a local SQLite database and keep it up to date

I recently wrote a tool to synchronize my weather stations’ data with a local SQLite database. My motivations were:

  • to make it easier and faster to work with my data,
  • to reduce load on the Tempest API, and
  • to keep a copy of my data, just in case the Tempest API becomes unavailable.

In case you might also find the tool useful, I’m sharing it here:


  • Simple. Just supply your API token, a path to a SQLite3 database, and your Tempest device id(s). The tool will do the rest. It will create the database if needed and then download your historical weather data at 1-minute resolution using the Tempest API.
  • Smart. If you’ve already downloaded your data before, the tool will only download new data. (Don’t worry, it will always download the most-recent 24 hours’ data to update any previously downloaded data that has been revised.)
  • Small. The tool is implemented as a single, small Python script.
  • No dependencies beyond Python 3. The tool requires only a reasonably up-to-date Python 3 installation with its normal sqlite3 and HTTPS support. It uses only packages in the Python Standard Library.

Here’s a usage example:

  # Sync data for two weather station devices 123 and 456. \
    --api_token "replace this text with your actual API token" \
    --database $HOME/weather.db \
    --device_id 123 456

Please let me know if you find the tool helpful or run into any problems.



I will find your tool for acquiring data from a Weather Flow system very useful. I have had a quick look at your code. It looks great. Thank you so much.

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