New Tempest Weather System

Is the update. 1st generation sky/air reduced price will receive their email to buy September 2020 or later

Will those who signed up for beta testing (didn’t make the cut) receive an email this week on the consolation special?

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I’m in the same boat.

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I did receive an email today regarding an available “package” for the “rejected” beta testers. It showed a complete station (including the hub) and a hoodie and tumbler. It was my understanding that we would be able to purchase the unit without the hub since we could use a hub we already had for the Air and Sky units. If my understnading is correct, will I be receiving another email with a deal on that option?

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Same here, I thought we would have an offer for just the tempest by itself and no hub that was even cheaper. The promo email is a good deal but I don’t need another hub unless I give my old station away to one of my friends.

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I think there are distinct advantages to have a new Hub. @WFstaff will need to address that because I make things and make some people angry.

The Tempest finally arrived today (one day early, to my complete surprise). So far, so good! Everything went very smoothly with the installation.

It’s been raining most of the day here, due to all of the the activity from Invest 90L, so she’s already getting a workout and collecting data.

Here’s the link to “Willow Brook”:


@MiamiWX. Beautiful ! New web app:


Thank you! I just bookmarked the link. :+1:t2:

Here is a post from another thread … Migrating to Tempest from Air and Sky . If this is what the new hub gets me, I am not sure it is worth the cost (not that I know what the price will be for the Tempst/no hub option, but, I am hoping for a good discount)

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What was the cost for the rejected beta testers

$229. And it includes a hoodie and yeti mug

Very nice, & the view is awesome!!

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Thank you! We are enjoying our new Tempest. Well worth the wait!


FWIW - I think that’s the same total price as the beta testers got if I remember the math correctly, including the beta testers upgrading to the prod tempest of course.

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Is there going to be a deal for the Tempest without the hub for folks that were not accepted into the early test program? If one already has a hub for the Air/Sky combo, and intends to retire the Air/Sky, it is my understanding that the hub we already have will work fine (some minor differences, but, nothing that will make it inoperable from what I have seen elsewhere in this forum). If the deal I got in my email is the only deal, I need to decide if that deal is for me.

Just a note that the SKY, AIR, and Tempest can all run off the same hub so you don’t necessarily have to retire the SKY and/or AIR. There is a place in settings where you can set the environment to indoor if you choose to use the AIR indoors, too.

Pay attention to this one item.

The new Hub has the capability to upgrade the Tempest and maybe other devices. This alone is a great reason to get the new Hub.